When The Sex Stops

For me, two dates is a long-term relationship, so I'm turning to you more romantically successful types to help answer this one: What does a couple do when the sex peters out?

Let's just say you've already been through couples counseling, whipped cream, and all the other inducements aimed at re-frying your love life, but it's deader than a boy bander's career and there's no amount of Cialis that can bring it back.

Do you:

*Simply open up the relationship and have sex with other people while keeping each other as a home base?

*Be realistic that no two people can be hot for each other forever, and simply go on, not thinking about sex at all?

*Or let the sexlesslessness hang over your relationshp like a wet blanket, creating a pall in all your interactions, and then ultimately break up in abject bitterness?

Maybe my stay-single-forever idea isn't so bad after all (though the sex with myself seems to be dying out, and I don't know if I should start opening things up).

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