Which Older Male Stars Are The Most Fuckable?

David Shankbone
David Shankbone

I'm nothing if not predictable, so when I came up with the recent mildly appetizing post asking which older actresses are still hot and bang-able, you knew there'd be the gender-flipping followup. Well, hold onto your Metamucil bottle because here it comes, kids. Which geezers of the MALE persuasion would you most like to tumble with, even if their dentures popped out and latched on to your nipple?

I'm guessing some of the top choices would be:

Michael Caine, 76. He's witty and detached enough to be a hottie--and the two Oscars don't hurt either.

Jack Nicholson, 71. He has a saucy, almost sadistic age that I'd--I mean that some people--would really enjoy.

Scott Glenn, 68. A craggy, weatherbeaten hunk, Scott puts the sex back in sexaganarian.

Tom Brokaw, 69. He could read me the news any time. In response, I wouldn't even tell him my safe word. No limits, Tom!

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