Who Are Your Favorite Siblings?

Who Are Your Favorite Siblings?

Which clusters of genetically-linked performers strike you as the most valuable to have around? Which ones are the most entertaining, sincere, and likable? No, you may not say the Jacksons. Your pre-approved choices are as follows:

The Olsen twins. Their homeless chic mixed with their monkey faces and weird ties to Heath Ledger give them an edge of compelling darkness.

The Duff girls. They're sort of the modern day Olivia DeHavilland and Joan Fontaine, minus the talent and the interesting feud.

The Jonas brothers. Funny, I knew them before they were virgins.

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The Arquette family. You know, David, Patricia, Rosanna, and the trannie.

The Wayanses. Four zany brothers and their sister Kim, all competing for sequins and the spotlight. They fierce!

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