Who Gives The Best BJs?

There's an old urban myth floating around that gay men give the best blow jobs because they're trained at it and they deep down love the idea of getting off while helping someone else get off. Even "straight" guys--you know, all those horny UPS and cable men with wives they never speak to--supposedly know that if you want a top-drawer hummer, you turn to the neighborhood queer (who's usually willing, as it blissfully turns out).

But not all gays dare to bottom, or thrill to every second when they do. There's my friend who tells me that, halfway through the act, he always starts thinking, "This is so bizarre. What the hell am I doing?", almost gagging in the process. He's always struck by the absurdity of it all, realizing that stuffing your face with a flesh torpedo while scraping your knees isn't exactly the height of uptown elegance.

So is it a cliche to say that gays love to give head? Are straight girls even better at it, because maybe they've been conditioned to do it in order to get jewelry gifts and free trips? And why is "cocksucker" an insult anyway? Shouldn't we applaud these people for their brave work?

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