Who Should Be Barbra's Herbie In Gypsy?

I love giving casting advice for free, especially when a movie like Barbra Streisand's Gypsy -- as it will forever be known -- seems to need it so badly.

I won't dare to cast the title role, since an age-appropriate daughter for a 70-year-old would probably be Madonna--and while she'd be great as a stripper, I'm not sure she can convince as a teen tomboy.

But let me put my 88 cents in about Herbie, the love interest of Mama Rose who romances her but ultimately finds her too tunnel-visioned and unpleasant.

In the last movie version (with Roz Russell), Herbie was played by Karl Malden, who was fine -- brash but vulnerable, and able to sing a few notes but not necessarily in tune.

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For the new movie, a friend and I have narrowed it down to two vibrant choices:

Dustin Hoffman, who'd be perfect in his aggressive-nebbish mode -- and it would be a nice reunion of Fockers.

And my personal fave: James Brolin!

Think about it.

No one could say, "They'd never be a couple in real life."

They are a couple in real life.

Though Babs will probably want Josh Brolin.

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