Who's The Biggest Pop Diva of All?

Which glorious singer with female private parts do you feel reigns over all the other pretenders (and no, this has nothing to do with "Now that Jacko's gone...")

The top diva choices are:

Lady Gaga. Her three songs are fee-eerce. Will her future be so bright she still has to wear shades?

Rihanna. Bad taste in men, but great taste in producers. Please don't stop her music.

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Taylor Swift. Pretty face, pretty voice--but is there much there there?

Kelly Clarkson. She successfully went from schlock to rock, with a whole lotta rollercoastering in between.

Beyonce. Still shimmying and delivering, but will her robot controls ultimately wear out?

Britney. She went from a walking punchline back to a superstar. Inspiring, sort of!

Madonna The mother of us all. Don't evah write the bitch off!

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