Who's The Funniest Male Comic in Films Today?

I'll get to the ladies later.

But which goofy male refugee from TV does the suckerfish faces and pants-dropping tricks that make you smile the hardest?

*Steve Carell. He does a mean deadpan and is refreshingly willing to play douches.

*Ben Stiller. I'm guessing his recent venture into romantic drama will be followed by more Museum pieces.

*Russell Brand. Do you envy Katy Perry or want her to get protection?

*Chris Rock. He still has the sha-zizzle!

*Will Ferrell. Let's forgive Land of the Lost. That should be easy since we didn't see it.

*Adam Sandler. He grates--but in all the right ways?

*Seth Rogen, the Hangover gang, or anyone else you think of?

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