Who's The Queen Of All Lady Comics? One Funny Lady Declares A Winner

Photo by David Shankbone/Wikipeda
Photo by David Shankbone/Wikipeda

This week's column is a rollicking romp of an interview with the queen of mean, Lisa Lampanelli, who's now the queen of lean, having shed over 100 pounds, but not her piercing comic edge.

I addition to what's in the column, I asked Lisa if she's the grand dame of all female comics and here's what she said:

"No! I don't think there's anyone who's the founder of women's comedy like Joan Rivers. She is the queen and we all bow at her feet!"

Agreed! Joan started it, she honed it, she perfected it, she nursed it, she rehearsed it, she kept it hot, and she is still tops at the game.

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Can we talk? Not if you're going to tell me anyone but Joan is the all-time queen of comedy.

As for other female comics?

Lampanelli told me: "I used to hate all of them because I thought they were awful, but these new ones are good--Chelsea, Whitney, Kathy, Sarah Shuman, Amy. Finally we're represented instead of every comic is a white guy!"

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