Who's Well Hung In Channing Tatum's Stripper Movie?

Magic Mike is the upcoming, eagerly awaited Steven Soderbergh film based on Channing Tatum's time spent as a male ecdysiast.

Tatum plays a mentor to the character based on himself, played by Alex Pettyfer.

Matthew McConaughey (above) is the stripper-turned-shirtless-club owner.

And here are some leaked, as it were, comments from someone who saw the film and can't quit gushing about the important elements.

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"It is very R-rated, filled with nudity, both male and female.

"Lots of ass shots of the boys. Many scenes of them dancing in tight little thongs. Channing's ass and thighs looked fuckin amazing as he gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom in a long shot!

"The only exposed c**k comes from Joe Manganiello, who plays a character called 'Big Dick.' I'm assuming it was a prosthetic, a la Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.

"For you Matthew McConaughey fans ... he's often shirtless on stage introducing the guys. All I can say is he looked amazing dancing in his tiny little g-string!

"By the way, based on the thongs, it looked like Adam Rodriguez was packing the most heat. Fuckin huge!"

Somehow, I don't think the New York Times review will be quite on this genital level, but who cares what the Times says?

I already bought my ticket.

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum

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