Why I Hate Religion!!!

Get down on bended knee, cross yourself, light a candle, throw some garlic, and then click here for my new column, in which I list all the reasons religion makes me queasy, written as I prayed for forgiveness out of the side of my gay-theistic mouth.

This is the latest in my ecology-polluting "Why I Hate ..." series, and it may be the most vivid, controversial, and somehow lovable one of all.

You may well be horrified by this one -- it gets really dirty and personal -- but feel free to confess afterward to ensure your berth on a cumulus cloud of hope and glory.

I cover everything from the hatefulness of Bible thumping to the self-laceration of so many religious holidays to the smugness with which so many Americans adopt exotic religions to ...

Well, just click.

I'm surely going to hell after this, but I was anyway.

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