Why Is The C Word So Powerful?

Admit it--it feels really good to say "cunt". There's just something so strong about the word, with its biological directness and monosyllabic oomph.

It has a blunt power that makes it perversely fun to toss off, even if you never want to blurt it in any serious setting that could get you yelled at. And the taboo quality makes it even more appealing to those looking for constant verbal thrills, so we mutter it more and more, getting off on its multiple uses and rich layers.

Sure, "dick" has its own tough, one-syllable allure, but it can't hold a candle to "cunt"--especially for misogynists--and that's why "c" has risen to the underground "A" list.

So what do we do? Keep saying "cunt" and getting off on it, claiming we merely want to rob it of its negative power and render it a term of endearment?

Or retire it because it's just another way for our patriarchal society to make women's privates into objects of unfair disdain, blah blah?

I cunt decide.

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