Why Meryl Streep Lost Best Actress

Let's quickly go through all the reasons that pundits like me have been trumpeting throughout the campaign:

*Voters wrongly feel she's been honored already. (She has, but not nearly enough. She should get an award even when she hasn't made a movie!)

"Her role in Julie and Julia was only half a lead. (Yeah, but how about all the times she's been snubbed for whole leads?)

*She has to constantly compete with her own filmography, so every year people say, "This was good, but it's no Sophie's Choice," blah blah.

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But I've finally landed on the real reason for the dis. Ageism!

Yes, there are very occasional exceptions. (In fact, Helen Mirren beat Meryl, who's four years younger, in 2005.)

However, whenever there's a battle between Meryl and a younger actress (and yes, Sandra Bullock is younger), she invariably gets kicked to the curb because for Best Actress, Oscar favors tighter skin and thicker lips.


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