Will Ferrell Scores a Nucular Hit

Will Ferrell Scores a Nucular Hit

Will Ferrell's Broadway debut, You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush may not be high art; you know that starting with the pre-curtain announcement, "Enjoy the show. And go fuck yourselves." And it doesn't exactly explore a million textures in Dubya's personality aside from the fact that he's a crude, hapless moron. But from the second he hits the stage, Ferrell has the audience screaming with laughter--even more so than Bush himself!

Giving away tooo many lines would ruin the evening, but I can tell you some highlights include Ferrell's mispronouncing of Niger; his referring to Obama as "the Tiger Woods guy"; and the repeated showings of a slide of his penis to make a point (you heard me).

It's basically a one-man affair, with Ferrell addressing the crowd in the "faggy" theater district, but there are also supporting appearances by a breakdancing Secret Service Man and by Pia Glenn in a sensational turn as a dirty dancing Condoleezza Rice who's all in Dubya's business.

Ferrell ends by asking the audience what they do for a living and giving them cute nicknames in response. To a trader he said, "Shit Out of Luck." To a porn star, "Liar!"

Great art? No way. Slickly amusing, and money making? Yup.

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