With Netflix Plummeting, Where Do You Get Your Movies?

Thanks to price hikes that seemed extremely returnable, Netflix has been going down faster than a crack-addicted hooker on the West Side Highway.

I never had the DVD streaming and mail-order service in the first place, so I'm fine.

After all, I go to screenings, which often come with free buffets.

I have TCM, which shows every old movie ever made -- over and over.

And I've already seen everything anyway.

But for those of you who did have Netflix and have dumped it like a philandering lover, how do you get your cinema fix now?

Do you actually go to a theater?

(I hope so. That would be way better for the economy than sitting home and streaming shit.)

I just hope you're getting your movies somewhere.

Who could go on without Super 8, Thor, and Cowboys & Aliens?

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