You Tube Treasure: The Singing And Dancing Kessler Twins

Alice and Ellen Kessler

were bigger in their native Germany than in the US, but they did make a splash here on some variety shows, not to mention appearing in the Robert Aldrich-directed international film

The Last Days Of Sodom and Gomorrah

, where they added to the ritualized depravity.

Picture two Mitzi Gaynors crossed with Baccara en route to Side Show as directed by Hal Prince.

Above is a head-spinning reel of their synchronized singing/dancing on tunes from Sweet Charity, the theme from A Man and A Woman, and on other show bizzy chestnuts.

When they get to Cabaret, you might start wondering which side they're on.

The side of entertainment, of course!

Thanks to Angelo Pitillo for the tip.

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