Your "Best of NYC" Choices

Your "Best of NYC" Choices

Today brings the Voice's fabled "Best of NYC" issue, with all the paper's brilliant writers--and myself--chiming in on our favorite bars, personalities, souvlaki, and toilets.

Assuming you live here--or at least drop by on occasion to pump up our economy--what are YOUR "best of NYC" choices?

This is your chance to mouth off, give something a plug, and feel like a big-time journalist or something. And if you already participated in our readers' poll, it's your chance to do it again!

Is there a restaurant you can safely leave without feeling all violated and nauseous?

A club where the door help is friendly and the bartender tells you when to stop guzzling?

Do you know of an ecologically sound dry cleaner, an unpretentious chess store, a sophisticated lingerie shop, an underappreciated museum, or a deli that still charges 75 cents for coffee?

And if so, why the fuck didn't you tell me before???

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