Your Favorite Coen Brothers Movie?

Your Favorite Coen Brothers Movie?

A Serious Man, the new Coen brothers film, is a darkly funny, Kafkaesque tale of a Jewish man in Minnesota, whose marriage, job, and life are all simultaneously in jeopardy.

It's a keenly observed, absurdist gem--though it's so odd I have a feeling it'll be a lot of people's second or third favorite Coen brothers film rather than number one with a bullet.

My personal fave is Fargo for its droll hilarity and deft strokes of observation.

But let's not forget that the Coens also gave us:

No Country For Old Men. Spare, dark, and enjoyably existential. One of the weirdest Best Picture winners in Oscar history--and that's a good thing.

The Big Lebowski. A mistaken identity comedy with bowling and other weirdnesses.

Miller's Crossing. A dense gangster film that I admired while not adoring it.

Blood Simple. Cold and surprising, and the film debut of Mrs. Joel Coen, Frances McDormand.

Raising Arizona. A wacko kidnapping comedy with really fun screwball performances.

And then there's Burn After Reading, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and...oh, fuck, just look it up on imdb.

But first tell me your favorite Coen brothers movie and why. It'll be darkly cathartic.

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