Your Favorite Female Comic Working Today?

Today's batch of femme joke hurlers are a smart and sassy gaggle of politically incorrect yet ultimately liberating beauties.

Your fave from these choices?

*Joan Rivers

Hilarious, scathing, on-target, and up-to-date, she makes me wet myself every time.

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*Wanda Sykes

A sassy motormouth and an out lesbo, she's just my cup of hot stuff.

*Lisa Lampanelli

"The queen of mean" is really a pussycat -- and who can't relate to her love of black men?

*Sarah Silverman

So cute and unassuming -- and then she opens that mouth. What a bitter little lovable pill.

*Kathy Griffin

A reality-obsessed chatty Kathy doll come to life. Never remotely D-list.

*Sandra Bernhard

Still railing against the bad guys, in between monologues about motherhood. Sandra is a piping-hot pioneer.

*Whitney Cummings

A rising star who's pepped up a few roasts, Whitney can trash-talk with the best of them.

*Totie Fields

Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

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