YouTube Treasure: Amputee Melodrama Has Legs!

"Sue Imes loses her leg in a car accident," starts the plot description of Prelude to Happiness, which had me at "Sue Imes." Judging from the trailer, that doesn't stop her from shtupping, emoting, and hobbling up a storm. The movie is an unspeakably good-bad piece of '70s exploitation that's so obscure Paper magazine's Dennis Dermody, who knows more about this genre than anyone on earth, hadn't heard of it! Once a reader alerted me to this godawful gem, I did some research and found that you can buy it on, which describes it as an uneasy mix of "extreme melodrama, early '50s cheesecake shots involving a real amputee, and more visible boom mics than Dolemites and Chained Heat put together." Let me go out on a limb, ba dump pum, and say I'm totally sold!

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