YouTube Treasure: Crazed Endorsement for Grand Hotel

I love commercials where they find some shrieking patron to rabidly rave about a Broadway musical, since professional critics would rather stay off camera and maintain some dignity. I'll never forget the ad for whatever show it was, with some wacky British woman saying she adored it, "and I'm not a young girl!"

Well, this one takes the triple-tiered cake. It was for Tommy Tune's '90s production of Grand Hotel, which was thrilling, especially when the dancing Michael Jeter and vamping Jane Krakowski were occupying rooms onstage. But once screen legend Cyd Charisse got into the show as a replacement in the old broad part, the matinee ladies really wet themselves--particularly the woman in the ad (I think it's a woman) who bursts your eardrums by effusively rasping about how delicious Cyd's performance was and how she planned to see the show two more times! How specific!

The raving woman appears about 30 seconds into this, but believe me, it's REALLY worth the wait--and I'm not a young girl!

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