Counter Culture

  • Unhooked

    As the N train eased into the Ditmars Boulevard station, I glanced down and gasped. My favorite Greek fish place—the nautically themed... More >>

  • Goat Water

    When we finally wrapped our mouths around ducana, it proved worth the wait. Reminiscent of Mexican tamales and Puerto Rican pasteles, ducana are... More >>

  • Nuttin' Like Mutton

    Blame the Dutch, who came to western Kentucky in the 1830s and commenced raising sheep among the rolling green hills. They originated the... More >>

  • Micro-Size Me

    Downtown, two opposing trends in the restaurant biz are duking it out. One is the tendency to super-size and overdecorate new establishments,... More >>

  • Get Your Freek On

    Even for the Egyptian men lounging around in their shirtsleeves, knocking back glasses of anise tea and taking an occasional pull on the... More >>

  • No Lambi Today

    Located on a rocky cliff on Haiti's northern coast, the Citadelle was built by the paranoiac Henri Christophe, who called himself King Henry I... More >>

  • Meat Bombs

    Coney Island Avenue is Brooklyn's most brilliant and diverse food thoroughfare, and motoring down it in a car makes you feel like Magellan on a... More >>

  • G-Spot

    OK, let's get the name-dropping out of the way: Bono, Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali, Alice Waters, the Smiths, Simon Hopkinson, Trent Reznor. All... More >>

  • Khan Edison

    "Hey, this doesn't taste like pizza dough," one of my guests happily intoned, chomping down on her ceyloni naan ($2.75), a crunchy and smooshy... More >>

  • Nice Rice

    Guinea is one of the world's great rice-loving nations, and most meals at Fatima begin with a huge serving of it. The grain isn't tossed onto the... More >>

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