Counter Culture

  • Dog Vanishes

    Colombia is a nation of snackers, a fact that will become instantly apparent if you drop by East Elmhurst's Northern Boulevard any evening. Neon... More >>

  • Breech Baby

    Japanese has never been considered one of the world's greatest cuisines. It borrows extensively from other traditions (tempura from Portugal,... More >>

  • Feta Blizzard

    The restaurant is located in a rat's ass of a neighborhood in Long Island City, a cul-de-sac that time forgot with the abject look of a Hopper... More >>

  • Frida Fatigue

    Tired of Manhattan margarita mills with their timid Tex-Mex? When you get a yen for real Mexican, head for Sunset Park, where Fifth Avenue hosts... More >>

  • Trunk Show

    If you haven't been to Jersey City's Newark Avenue lately, get on over. This strip of Indian businesses four blocks north of Journal Square has... More >>

  • Better Belly

    The ingredients are nothing special—tofu,bitter melon, scallions, and Spam. Stir fried and topped with a frizzle of dried bonito, the... More >>

  • Brik House

    Take a stroll along Tunis's tree-lined Avenue Bourguiba around sunset as the populace is hurrying home from work or out to theaters and coffee... More >>

  • Shrimp Mountain

    I was tacking into a brisk headwind on College Point Boulevard—the eastern edge of the muddy garage-and-manufacturing district F. Scott... More >>

  • Serpentine

    My pal Michael grew up in Bensonhurst in an Italian American family, so it wasn't hard to predict what he'd order. The menu called it "handcut... More >>

  • Polo Party

    For Iranians, rice is a wild party. Iranian restaurants typically offer multiple forms of rice pilaf, called polo, in lively colors ranging from... More >>

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