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  • Ein Eulogie

    Felicitously located smack dab in the middle of a Lutheran cemetery, 150-year-old Niederstein's recently shuffled off its mortal coil, soon to be... More >>

  • Humpless

    Boi Na Brasa is one of a half dozen real Brazilian churrascarias to open in Newark's Ironbound in the last two years. The lure of these places... More >>

  • Just Snacking

    Is it possible to love a restaurant for a single innovation? That's the question that occurred to me as I finished up my fourth meal at Cookshop,... More >>

  • Apulia Redux

    Located way down Court Street, in a region once known as South Brooklyn or Red Hook but renamed Carroll Gardens by real estate developers in the... More >>

  • Décor, D'Accord!

    Given the accelerating gentrification of Harlem—with franchise restaurants swarming the landscape like locusts—I've been worrying about... More >>

  • Wok That Way

    Indo Wok is the third Indo-Chinese restaurant to open in Manhattan's Curry Hill in the last year. Though the fad has yet to challenge the... More >>

  • Serious Scorch

    A decade ago, New York had a thing for Southwestern food. It was Southwestern cooking, with its adept use of fresh and dried chiles, long-braised... More >>

  • Humble Pie

    Pizza as we know it was invented at Lombardi's—then a bakery—around 1895, inspired by flatbreads fabricated in Naples since Roman... More >>

  • Bali Who?

    Gotham has never harbored more than three or four Indonesian restaurants at any given time, making it one of our rarest cuisines. While most have... More >>

  • Mountain Food

    The dining room at Metsovo feels positively prehistoric. Blackened by six years of smoke, a whitewashed fireplace blazes at the end of the room,... More >>

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