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  • Dave & Buster

    Dave & Buster's

    234 W. 42nd St. New York, NY 10036

  • Demo's Wonderwheel Amusement Park

    3059 W. 12th St. Brooklyn, NY 11224
    718-372-2592 Evoking that neighborhood carnival feel, Demo's Wonderwheel has bumper cars, Spook-O-Rama and a somewhat bizarre Ferris wheel (the ride has the traditional rotating cars, but also cars that swing out from the center of the wheel). Beware: the rides here are terrifyingly rickety. Open April to October. More >>

  • Dizzy

    Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola

    60th St. & Broadway New York, NY 10023
    212-258-9595 Ahhh, corporate sponsorship at its finest. We love Coca-Cola's dedication to the arts, but to insert your name after bebop great Dizzy Gillespie's clearly trumps all good intention. Wasn't a simple "funded by Coca-Cola" plaque at the front sufficient? What's worse, the club actually charges $3 for the soda, and every visiting musician, from Wycliffe Gordon to Joe Lovano, seems to have to spit out that clunky moniker at the end of every set. "And thank you to Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola." Somewhere up in heaven, John Birks Gillespie just hocked a loog into his Coke. (ZAPPIA) More >>

  • Downtown Manhattan Heliport

    6 E. River Piers New York, NY 10005

  • Dutchess County Tourism

    3 Neptune Road Poughkeepsie, NY 12601