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  • Cube on Astor Place

    Cube on Astor Place

    Astor Place & E. 8th St. New York, NY 10003
    N/A Remember the Alamo? Sure you do. Although you may know it as "that giant cube thing in Astor Place that all the drunk NYU freshman like to shove around during Welcome Week." Yeah, that thing. Alamo, by Tony Rosenthal, was installed by the city in 1967 as part of the "Sculpture and the Environment" program. The rotating statue is the centerpiece of this busy square, and street performers often stage show in its berth. It is a central, convenient meeting place in the East Village, situated right in front of the Cooper Union (and K-Mart) at the entrance to the 6 train. More >>

  • East Village Radio

    East Village Radio

    19 First Ave. New York, NY 10003
    212-254-7104 At it's inception in 2003, East Village Radio was something of a revolution, and an exceedingly hip one at that: an internet radio station broadcasting out of a storefront on First Avenue passed by about 1,800 pedestrians per hour. Make yourself one of them and you might catch a glimpse of the edgiest new indie act or multi-platinum DJ Mark Ronson hosting his weekly show. It has become the go-to url for a wide variety of musical genres and predictions of the next big thing after the next big thing. In the bar and restaurant-saturated East Village, it's an endemically downtown institution like no other. More >>

  • Music To Know Festival

    E. Hampton Airport New York, NY 10003

  • Pier 11

    South St. New York, NY 10043

  • River To River NYC

    Unique backdrop of Lower Manhattan New York, NY 10003