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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • 1 Oak

    453 W. 17th St. New York, NY 10011

  • 1020 Bar

    1020 Bar

    1020 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10025

    As Morningside Heights continues its relentless march to total gentrification, it's comforting to know that sometimes a bar is just a bar. 1020 is a refreshingly unpretentious dive in a sea of newly opened yuppie hangouts. Don't order a fancy cocktail here; stick to the beer (they have several good choices on tap), or something simple, like a bourbon on the rocks. While you drink, watch the game on the big screen in the back. There's a pool table, too. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 1050 Lounge in the Skyline Hotel

    735 10th Ave. New York, NY 10019

    No tourists here. Instead, local couples whisper at tables under the glow of urban-chic candelabras. Sinking into a red velvet booth, we opt for a tangy cosmo ($9) and a sweet Grand Marnier nightcap ($8). Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Dynaco


    , 11216

    Bed-Stuy's Dynaco is a family affair. Brothers Adam and Ben Forgash opened the watering hole as a place to provide "comfort and warmth." It's wood-burning stove definitely takes care of that, along with (genuinely) old-timey antique adornments scouted by Adam's wife. The aesthetic is Rust Belt chic, and they definitely hit the nail on the head with industrial-yet-cozy brass and wood fixtures that exude the fetishized charm of a rural Ohio dive. A rotating list of 12 reasonably-priced beers on tap is comprehensive without being overwhelming. It's located right next door to the popular Do Or Dine restaurant and closest to the Bedford-Nostrand Ave. G train. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 11th Street Bar

    11th Street Bar

    510 E. 11th St. New York, NY 10009
    212-982-3929 Monday nights, pop over to the 11th Street Bar for Glenfiddich sipped neat and a pint of chocolaty-tasting Victory Hopdevil Ale. It's a yummy, cozy pub stocked full of real Irish brogues who don't stand for any pseudo-blarney shenanigans. Table seats are always available, so it's a prime spot to start out your night with laid-back conversation and a little Dropkick Murphys on blast. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 11th Street Cafe

    327 W. 11th St. New York, NY 10014

  • 12"

    179 Essex St. New York, NY 10002

    Record geeks rejoice! Hi-Fi Bar beware! Now there's a dive called 12"ayes, named after the vinyl format. The space is tiny, but the walls are cutely papered with record covers, and they have DJs. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 123 Burger Shot Beer

    123 Burger Shot Beer

    738 10th Ave. New York, NY 10019
    212-315-0123 The name says it all: 123 Burger Shot Beer. But let's elaborate: there are three White Castle-inspired burgers for $3 apiece, shots come in a variety of flavors (e.g. "Lick Me," composed of house vodka, butterscotch, and pineapple), and the beer, when accommodating larger parties, is served in the oft Coors Light-filled "beer tube." The crowd is of the collegiate sort, naturally, as evidenced by the rousing beer pong games unfolding in the middle of the room. Still, older patrons are free to join, as long as their "flip cup" knowledge is salient. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 124 Rabbit Club

    124 Macdougal St. New York, NY 10012-1247

  • 12th Street Ale House

    12th Street Ale House

    92 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003

    Like one particularly conflicting section of the 12th Street Ale House's jukebox (Jay-Z and Simon & Garfunkel are on the same page), the bar itself is difficult to categorize. The dozen beers on tap aren't enough to qualify the place as a true ale house or beer bar; there aren't enough big-screen TVs to deem it a sports bar, and certainly there's not enough grime to call it a dive. But herein lies this bar's charm. To avoid commotion from over-rabid football fans and peer-pressure from beer connoisseurs, locals comfortably flock here and take a seat at the bar as though it's been reserved just for them. Relax: You're among friends, and remarkably sane ones. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • The 13th Step

    The 13th Step

    149 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003
    212-228-8020 Walk downstairs into the spacious 13th Step and a panoramic scene unfolds. Fresh out of work, men with untucked button-downs sit at the bar, sipping chilly Budweiser from a mug or Busch from a can, craning their necks to glimpse the plasma TVs. Moving to the right of the room, past the waitresses carrying burgers with stuffed insides ("The American" contains American cheddar and bacon, of course), you'll find two ping-pong tables tucked into the corner. There, seasoned old-timers and gunslinging graduates duke it out for recaptured dormitory glory. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 151

    151 Rivington St. New York, NY 10002

    This unmarked, cavernous little hideaway is done up in cool taupe mod-patterned wallpaper and stucco, with stylish brown leather furniture and a metallic beaded curtain. So it's all the more surprising that 151 is a boisterous, unpretentious space where the bartender sports an unironic AC/DC shirt and air-guitars along with the cock rock that blasts at top volume. It's these kinds of wondrous contrasts that make New York what it is. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 169 Bar & Club

    169 Bar & Club

    169 E. Broadway New York, NY 10002
    212-473-8866 Here's the last and oldest original bar in one of the last original neighborhoods in Manhattan. Purchased by former New Orleans resident and musician Charles Hanson in 2006, the 169 Bar is now taking its metier visually and aurally from that city. The trad jazz and spicy appetizers make this a welcome addition for locals and a bustling respite for NOLA folk. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 179th Street Subway Bar

    180-2 Hillside Ave. New York, NY 11432

    The namesake subway is the E and F stop at 179th Street in Jamaica. This dive is way away from anything trendy, nary a hipster in sight here. The flags of Trinidad and Guyana are flown behind the mirrored bar, along with posters advertising Carribbean beers. But you're going to want to eschew the suds and go for the hard stuff here—Absolut, Bacardi, and other name brand liquor goes for a mere $5 in mixed drinks, and they're not weak. It's not a bad place to sit for a few hours and watch the game, but be sure to bring cash. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • The 1896

    215 Ingraham St. Brooklyn, NY 11237

  • 200 Fifth

    200 Fifth

    200 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-638-2925 This Park Slope sports bar appeals to both the stroller set and the rowdy singles crowd, with a family-friendly restaurant in one room and a huge bar featuring 40 beers on tap in the other. Both rooms are consistently packed, so arrive before the dinner rush or kickoff. It's a unique spot to get sloshed on the six-beers-for-$9 special, chat up a single agent watching the game, or bring the kids to dinner. Just try not to do all at once. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 212 Restaurant and Bar

    133 E. 65th St. New York, NY 10022
    212-249-6565 Rumor has it, 212 is going out now that 646 is coming in. But who really cares? These guys have 110 vodkas, enough to satisfy the latent Polish grandmother in everybody. This is known as a pickup joint for people with money, so dress yourself up fancy, head here, and find a new beau who can afford to buy you more than a plain slice of pizza. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Supreme Trading

    213 N. 8th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211
    718-599-4224 Mixing Manhattan superclub glamour with Williamsburg artiness, this new club/lounge/gallery/performance space is home to the infamous weekly post-punk Crashin In party, as well as various cultural events and happenings. The large, anonymous brick-walled dancefloor area is balanced out by intimate side niches, a billiard room and a cozy outdoor smoking garden. Three-dollar Budweisers and beautiful peopleaneed I say more? Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 21st Street Wholesale Beer

    29-10 21st St. Long Island City, NY 11102

    New York is not much of a beer town. The Brooklyn Brewery rocks, especially its barley wine Monster, but beer is one domain where the city is outshone by upstate. The best beers made in the state are Hennepin and Ommegang, Belgian-style ales brewed in Cooperstown. And the best beer bargain in the five boroughs is to buy them by the case at 21st Street Wholesale Beer in Astoria. They come in big bottles, sealed with a cork, and pack 8.5 percent alcohol. "I'm fucked up over here," a friend said recently after just half a bottle. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 230 Fifth

    230 Fifth

    230 5th Ave. New York, NY 10017
    212-246-1000 With outdoor seating in Manhattan at a premium, the massive roof deck of 230 Fifth makes for an instant hit. Decorated with palm trees and petunias, it gives space-cramped New Yorkers ample room to bask in the warm breeze of summer or shiver in the winter chill (when the venue kindly provides crimson Snuggies for guests). The downstairs Penthouse may confuse patrons into thinking they entered an '80s movie theater, thanks to the purple and aqua decor, but the place works its retro charm well. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 24-7 Bar & Lounge

    247 Eldridge St. New York, NY 10002

    This unpretentious bar is a welcome addition to a growing number of theme joints in the area, but loses brownie points for lying to usaturns out it's not open 25 hours after all. Thereas not a lot of seating, so guys and dolls should leave those uncomfortable stilettos behind. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 2A


    25 Ave. A New York, NY 10009

    Dives don't get more simple than 2A. Happy Hour has a two-for-one special. There are two floors--the bottom a cozy dive, the top a lounge with pleasant floor-to-ceiling windows. And it's located on the corner of 2nd Street and A. The only thing that doesn't revolve around the #2 is the cohesive crowd of subdued Alphabet City bohemians who look like they're attending a neighbor's dinner party. No "too much shit on the walls" decor, rousing bar games, or loud people to churn the stomach here--just a good spot to let a gin & tonic settle. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • 2A

    25 Avenue A New York, NY 10009

  • 300 New York

    60 W. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010-5283

  • 31 Rockwell

    31 Rockwell's Bar & Lounge

    31 Rockwell Place Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-488-9879 Saturday nights, this is the best place any gay man in Brooklyn can be. Most of the boys, twenty- and thirtysomething muscular types, are in a lively mood in the dank, narrow, cinderblock-walled storefront. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

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