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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • Alligator 2

    113 Franklin St Brooklyn, NY 11222-3884

  • Alligator Lounge

    Alligator Lounge

    600 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
    718-599-4440 The facade of this bar slightly resembles a funeral home, but the aura inside is not as chilly. Dark wooden booths run along the perimeter of the spacious bar, making you feel like you're in an upscale pizza parlor and huzzah! Pizza they gots, as well as a cozy tiki-esque back room. This gator's more about the art of knocking back a few with friends over a game of pool, darts, or Big Buck Hunter II than the haughty pursuit of froufrou cocktails. If you're looking for an inexpensive dinner and a low-key meeting spot for friends in the 'Burg (without the attitude or hipster overkill), this li'l reptile's a good catch. Get a free slice of brick-oven pizza with every drink, which isn't quite as good as it sounds but tasty nonetheless. Read more about Alligator Lounge >>

  • Alma Grill

    134 E. 48th St. New York, NY 10017-1224

  • Alma Lounge

    229 Roebling St. Brooklyn, NY 11211-4863

  • Alomda Restaurant

    33-10 28th Ave. New York, NY 11103

  • Alphabet City Beer Co.

    96 Ave. C New York, NY 10009

  • Alphabet Lounge

    Alphabet Lounge

    104 Ave. C New York, NY 10009
    212-780-0202 Decorated in mosaics and local art, this unpretentious dance club hosts DJ-themed nights, live rock, and weepy acoustic sing-alongs. Cocktails are pretty lazily mixed, but cheap beer fits the ambiance anyway. If you're into the casual, determinedly grungy atmosphere, stay away from Alphabet's monthly fetish party: Latex-coated nuns, mermaids, and bunnies have more on their agenda than sporadic, awkward dancing. Read more about Alphabet Lounge >>

  • Alphabeta

    70 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222-3889

  • AM

    7221 3rd Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209-2107

  • Amazonia

    498 9th Ave. New York, NY 10018-4102

  • Amazura Concert Hall

    91-12 144th Place Jamaica, NY 11435
    718-298-6760 Amazura boasts intense lights, big beats, and 20,000 square feet to shake your booty, baby. They installed three full-service bars for the thirsty, and there's valet parking for the lazy. The VIP lounge holds 200 very important people, which certainly nixes the exclusivity factor, but hey, you're in Queens, so get over it. Read more about Amazura Concert Hall >>

  • ambar

    179 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11201-6408

  • Ambar Room

    3795 10th Ave. New York, NY 10034

  • Ambaroom

    3795 10th Ave. New York, NY 10034-1852

  • Ambiance 13318

    13318 Guy R Brewer Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11434

  • Amelie

    22 W. 8th St. New York, NY 10011
    212-533-2962 French wine bar Amelie offers a wide selection of drink and food, located in Greenwich Village. Read more about Amelie >>

  • American Legion Post 398

    American Legion Post 398

    248 W. 132nd St. New York, NY 10027-7804

    Tucked into a basement on a residential block in Harlem, the American Legion Post 398 pours booze from nips, not bottles, and Beyonce butts up to Bobby Womack in the jukebox. If this VFW post seems like an impossible secret, it’s not: organist Seleno Clarke's Sunday night jazz jam is legendary in the underground. The Hammond B3 maestro leads a top-notch, sometimes famous, R&B-style groove band that attracts local regulars and curious visitors alike. Still, the no-frills dive bar vibe suggests a bygone era and atmosphere tough to find anywhere else in Manhattan. Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday are jazz nights, while Friday and Saturday are disco (and funk) nights. Order soul food staples like fried fish, collards, and rum cake off of hand-scrawled menus, and find the spacious back patio to air things out during the hot, summer months. Be polite and sign in when you walk through the door. The staff is welcoming and foster wholesome fun: good music, good food, and (especially on disco nights) plenty of dancing. There’s no cover but Post 398 is cash only and closes by midnight. Read more about American Legion Post 398 >>

  • American Spirits

    1744 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10128

    A divey meat marketahead here if youare in the mood to drink like mad and get hit on by random people. Pitchers cost $7, and once youare good and drunk, we suggest participating in karaoke. Really, you wonat regret it in the morning, we swear. Read more about American Spirits >>

  • American Trash

    314 W. 54th St. New York, NY 10021

    Allegedly a biker bar, a suspicious number of American Trashas patrons look like buttoned-up professionals who may or may not come from white-trash families. But thatas not the point. In a bar like this, the point is drinking and playing bar games. Bottoms up! Read more about American Trash >>

  • American Trash

    1471 1st Ave. New York, NY 10075

  • Amf White Plaines Lanes

    47 Tarrytown Rd White Plains, NY 10606

  • Amity Hall

    Amity Hall

    80 W. 3rd St. New York, NY 10012
    212-677-2290 Greenwich Village's newest beer hall shoots for an outdoor serenity inside its paneled basement; the door-stopper menu features hundreds of beers, from local to Trappist. Pick a few to give the frazzled waiter; they often run out of the primo brews by early evening. Read more about Amity Hall >>

  • Amnesia


    609 W. 29th St. New York, NY 10001

  • Amor y Amargo

    443 E. 6th St. New York, NY 10009

  • Amphora Bar Lounge

    210 Merrick Rd Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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