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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • Croxley Ales

    Croxley Ales

    28 Ave. B New York, NY 10009
    212-253-6140 Ask any dude walking around the East Village where to grab some cheap chicken wings and he'll probably point you here. That's because from Monday through Wednesday wings are only 10 cents each and only 20 cents each on Saturday (12pm-5pm) and all day Sunday. Where there are wings, there are sports, with huge flat-screen TVs fixed in every corner of the restaurant playing games from multiple sports packages. Don't worry, bro, there is plenty of beer, 31 different kinds on tap plus 100 varieties by the bottle, mostly from smaller craft breweries (the bar explicitly states it doesn't carry brews from Bud, Miller or Coors). Croxley Ales also makes 16 different beer cocktails. Yes, they do serve something other than wings, including meaty sandwiches, pub grub like chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks, and burgers. For such a testosterone-heavy joint, the décor is quite subdued, with rustic wooden furniture and hanging red lanterns inside and a leafy back garden outside.—Keith Wagstaff Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Cuba


    222 Thompson St. New York, NY 10012
    212-420-7878 While the upstairs tantalizes the tastebuds with pulled pork and other Cuban dishes, head downstairs for the real nightlife action. Those on mojito-laced blind dates may want to settle into one of the many nooks and crannies for a make-out session, while a group of friends can just head to the tables and order more rum-based drinks. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Cubbyhole


    281 W. 12th St. New York, NY 10014
    212-243-9041 Frequented by dykes older than 30, Cubbyhole serves more as a gathering place for couples than a pick-up joint. The cozy, warm atmosphere, while comfortable, could stifle those looking for a wilder scene. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Cuckoo Club

    363 W. 16th St. New York, NY 10011

  • The Cuckoo's Nest

    61-04 Woodside Ave. Flushing, NY 11377

    Yet another cozy Irish pub in Woodside, the Cuckooas Nest offers a large finger-food menu, live music Thursdays through Sundays, and $4.50 pints of Guinness the rest of the week. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Cutting Room

    18 W. 24th St. New York, NY 10010
    212-691-1900 The Cutting Room feels like classic old New York with its plush sofas and sparkling chandeliers. You're virtually guaranteed good music, ranging from jazz to rock. However, if you're looking for a bit more adventure, visit the joint on Saturday nights when the erotic burlesque show Le Scandal runs, featuring everything from a bellydancer to a sword-swallower. Specialty drinks ($10 to $12) include the Wasabi Dirty Mary (Absolut Citron and a secret mix) and Strawberry Fields (Stoli Strasberi, strawberry puree, creme de cassis, and sugar syrup). Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Cutting Room

    19 W. 24th St. New York, NY 10010-3203

  • CV

    105 Rivington St. New York, NY 10002

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