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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • The Delancey

    The Delancey

    168 Delancey St. New York, NY 10002
    212-254-9920 The Delancey is structured in descending madness, not unlike Dante's Inferno. The roof bar is an idyllic green deck of palm trees and picnic tables, a perfect purgatory for happy hour and amiable heathenry. The main level is a dark dance floor where scantily clad DJs spin pop and house for the preppy, well-to-do sinners. And the basement is a steamy, cavernous hole with gleefully abhorrent punk bands and discounted lukewarm beer. So, it should go without saying, you want to head straight for the underground--as Bart Simpson once said, "All the best bands are affiliated with Satan." Read more about The Delancey >>

  • Delia

    Delia's Lounge

    9224 3rd Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209
    718-745-7999 Delia's has taken the essence of Manhattan martini lounges and placed it in Bay Ridge. Trendy young hipsters party the night away here with a constantly evolving drink menu that always spans at least 14 variations of martini. Later into the night, upscale finger food can be bought to eat by candlelight. Read more about Delia's Lounge >>

  • Delmonico


    56 Beaver New York, NY 10004
    212-509-1144 Recently, a lifelong New Yorker visiting Delmonico's for the first time told the woman at the coat check this story: His father worked the hat check as a kid and was on the job in 1918, on Armistice Day, when a man gave him a $100 tip. Delmonico’s was already an old restaurant then, having opened in 1837 at the pointy corner of Beaver and William streets. Its current iteration, overseen by Dennis Turcinovic, offers an updated menu featuring some lighter, seasonal fare. But from the dark wainscoting to the coffered ceilings and opulent chandeliers, this is a flamboyantly unapologetic Land That Time Forgot. “Delmonico’s is a culinary institution,” says Turcinovic, who took the reins as general manager in 1998 and is now part of the group that owns the restaurant. “Our vision was to bring it back to its original luster while introducing a distinct, refreshing look.” Go, provided your constitution can handle it, for the lobster Newburg, the baked oysters, the chicken à la Keene, the baked Alaska. We’ll have a Caesar salad and a Delmonico steak, rare, delivered by an attentive waiter whose European accent is unplaceable and who has perfected the indispensable art of hovering without appearing to. Read more about Delmonico's >>

  • Delta Grill

    Delta Grill

    700 9th Ave. New York, NY 10036
    212-956-0985 You don't have to flash anyone for beads in order to enjoy a bit of New Orleans flare in midtown. Alright, we know it's kitschy, but stop being a downtown snob for one minute. It helps if you have a margarita, possibly to wash down the alligator you just ate. Now that's cool. Read more about Delta Grill >>

  • Delta House

    1683 1st Ave. New York, NY 10128

  • Demi Monde

    90 Broad St. New York, NY 10004

  • Dempsey

    Dempsey's Pub

    61 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003
    212-388-0662 Good ol' gregarious Dempsey's is notable for three reasons: 1) the daily "Bucket-o-Beer" special ($15 for 5 beers), which, for another five bones, comes with a side of hot wings; 2) traditional Irish music on Tuesdays, including a fiddle-wielding band; and 3) the dartboard, pool table, and "trivia night" trifecta. Sure, most Irish pubs tout like-minded treats, but few deliver them in the context of Dempsey's ultra-clean floors, unsullied walls, and uniformly jovial customers. Read more about Dempsey's Pub >>

  • Den

    2144 Deer Park Ave Deer Park, NY 11729

  • Denim Lounge

    1223 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216-1801

  • Dennys Bar

    106 Beverley Road Brooklyn, NY 11218-3900

  • Desire Bar & Grill

    Desire Bar & Grill

    45 W. Eighth St. New York, NY 10011
    646-454-9950 At the door, there is a muscle-bulging bouncer wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt. He is the gatekeeper to Desire, a bar that--on the weekends, at least--constructs a portal to Jersey Shore-style hedonism. The cocktails, which are served atop a glowing onyx bar, support this idea by name alone: Frisky Lemonade, Dirty Desires, Donnatella, Forbidden Fruits, and Double D's. If this is your jam, you can rock most effectively alongside Desire's crowd of partiers by attending happy hour. Deals include a "two for the price of one" on the food menu and $10 for three well shots. Jägerbombs not included. Read more about Desire Bar & Grill >>

  • Desmond's Tavern

    433 Park Ave. S. New York, NY 10016
    212-684-9472 Opened in 1936, Desmond's Tavern is a traditional New York Irish bar, featuring live music Thursday through Saturday and a well-priced menu (corned beef sandwich with fries, $7). Fun without pretension, and with nice bartenders to boot, this large bar is a great place to grab a Guinness ($5) alone or with 30 of your friends. Read more about Desmond's Tavern >>

  • Destination Bar

    211 Ave. A New York, NY 10009-3413

  • Detour

    349 E. 13th St. New York, NY 10003
    212-533-6212 Detour rocks because it has live jazz seven nights a week and no cover, although you do need to pick up a couple drinks. I suggest grabbing a table for two. Read more about Detour >>

  • Dewey

    Dewey's Flatiron

    210 5th Ave. New York, NY 10010
    212-685-7781 This place has nothing to do with the Dewey Decimal System, but rather was named after an old seaman, George Dewey. It has 70 plus beers, a pricey array of single-malt scotches, and a handful of sipping tequilas for the drinker in you. They also serve lots of traditional bar food. If you didn't figure it out already, there's not a lot of ladies hanging around here. So guys, have a bonding night out, and ladies, if you're looking for a little extra male attention, this may be your place. Read more about Dewey's Flatiron >>

  • Diablo Royale

    Diablo Royale

    189 W. 10th St. New York, NY 10014
    212-620-0223 Gradually, the old margarita mills are being remade with food worth eating. This Mexican bar-cum-cafe; isn't afraid to pile on the chiles, and the glorious masa pizza called momocho features a fiery green sauce and little nuggets of bacon. There are some rather blase entrees, but tacos are the things to get, available wrapped in your choice of oversize tortillas. Read more about Diablo Royale >>

  • Diamante's Brooklyn Cigar Lounge

    108 S. Oxford St. Brooklyn, NY 11217-1697

  • Diamond Lounge Incorporated

    1519 Hempstead Turnpike Elmont, NY 11003

  • The Diamond

    The Diamond

    43 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY 11222-3489
    718-383-5030 There's no shortage of bars in Greenpoint, but there are few bars like The Diamond. The beer is as upscale as beer gets, and standard Super Bowl domestics are nowhere to be found. The most recognizable available brew is probably Dale's Pale Ale, and it only gets more exotic than that. But each beer, no matter how cryptic the name (Haandbryggeriot Hesjeol, for instance) is accompanied with a brief flavor profile (in the case of the former: multigrain, peat-smoked). Beers are categorized by alcohol content for those looking to get the most buzzy bang for their buck, so that's convenient. The vibe is anything but upscale, though, and the Franklin Street space plays home to a shuffleboard and backyard gondola, which has been converted to permanent seating. With divey vibes and quality brews (and, oh, wine), The Diamond is a good neighborhood spot. --Shane Barnes Read more about The Diamond >>

  • Dick's Bar

    192 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003

    What Dickas Bar lacks in typical gay bar glitz it makes up for in amicability. Without relying on a rotation of spaced-out, G-stringed go-go boys or headlining DJs, Dickas Bar is a haven for people looking for a break from the high-energy cruisefests of the West Village. Comfortable chairs, dependably fierce drinks, a charming pool table, a digital juke box, and a pinball machine create a low maintenance, typically East Village experience. Read more about Dick's Bar >>

  • Die Koelner Bierhalle

    Die Koelner Bierhalle

    84 Saint Marks Place Brooklyn, NY 11217
    347-227-7238 Flanked by the characteristically Park Slope setup of an auto workshop and a community garden, Die Koelner Bierhalle’s airy, communal table-lined space brandishes a large painting of the city of Cologne’s crest on its cement wall. Light blue and white drapes hang from the ceiling, as does an enormous steel fan. The figures in the foosball table have the defined muscles and varying skin tones of the athletes on the large projector screen. Pint and half-pint mugs, stoneware beer steins, and polite smatterings of liquor bottles -- for who’d want to order a vodka tonic here? -- are stacked behind the bar, ready to be filled by the zesty, malty, honeyed and hoppy flavors of beer from the almost exclusively German tap menu. Read more about Die Koelner Bierhalle >>

  • Dillingers Pub & Grill

    46-19 30th Ave. New York, NY 11103

  • Dillon's

    245 W. 54th St. New York, NY 10019
    206-888-9157 This midtown restaurant-lounge has an Off-Broadway showroom, but doesn't mind rearranging the furniture in the main room to put on a show there, either. And with cabaret, improv, and brand name stand-up, there's comedy of one breed or another almost every night. Read more about Dillon's >>

  • Dillon's Pub

    40-12 Greenpoint Ave. New York, NY 11104

  • Ding Dong Lounge

    Ding Dong Lounge

    929 Columbus Ave. New York, NY 10025
    212-663-2600 At The Ding Dong Lounge, punk (of the '77 variety) never died. The bar is festooned with old-school punk memorabilia, but even with all the Sex Pistols posters and anarchy symbols, it's almost too clean and airy. Even the graffiti in the bathroom seems suspiciously neat. Despite the uptown sensibility, it's hard to complain about a bar on the "Upper Upper West Side" that has atmosphere, good punk-rock DJs, and no yuppies. Read more about Ding Dong Lounge >>

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