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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • S.O.B.


    204 Varick St. New York, NY 10014
    212-243-4940 SOB's (Sounds of Brazil) opened in 1982 and has proven a blessing to the city's lovers of salsa, samba, reggae, Latin alternative, hip-hop, and more. The attractive space offers weekly parties with DJs and regular shows featuring some of the best musical acts and turntablists from varying countries, as well as locals and other Stateside musicians. The dance floor isn't of immense proportions but makes up for it in intensity. The empañadas and Brazilian pastries are top-shelf, as are the caiprihinas and mojitos. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Safe Harbor

    446 Broadway New York, NY 10013

  • Saints & Sinners

    59-21 Roosevelt Ave. Flushing, NY 11377
    718-396-3268 Although this Irish pub has its quirks (what's up with the disco ball in the table-seating area and Kenny Rogers on the sound system?), it serves up one of the best pints of Guinness in Queensaand for a mere $4.50, itas worth the trek. Snuggle up next to the fireplace in the side room with your dark draft and chat the cold winter nights away. Raucous trivia games every other Wednesday. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Saloon

    1584 York Ave. New York, NY 10028
    212-570-5454 With an almost exclusively white crowd, sporting pink polo shirts and fancy eye make-up, Saloon has all the requisite Upper East Side details: giant flat screen plasma TVs, DJs playing Nelly and Outkast, and a dance floor throbbing with well-manicured blondness. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Salt Bar

    29 Clinton St. New York, NY 10002
    212-979-8471 The L.E.S. bar outpost of Melissa OaDonnellas West Village restaurant is yet another sultry, magazine-worthy boite on Clinton Street. Like CafA(c) Habana, you can actually envision the photo shoot taking place: Model gazes morosely out of one of those honking windows overlooking Clinton, fruity cocktail in hand. Model poses on one of those communal, hefty-slab-oa-wood tables, delicately nibbling on an appetizer of bacon-wrapped dates ($8) or mushroom bread pudding ($9). Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sambuca

    272 Post Ave. Westbury, NY 11590

  • San Marcos

    12 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003

    The margarita can be downright fun and fratty. It's the perfect cocktail to get wasted on. Purists argue tequilas, rocks, and salts, but we say, "Pull that slushee pump!" We're overjoyed that San Marcos has settled down on St. Marks. Frozen mango, strawberry, and lime margaritas are a mere $5 to $5.50. After trying all four flavors, we recommend the mango; it's tart, never medicine-y, and you can taste bits of the pithy flesh throughout. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sand Bar Café

    11 Luiz Munoz Marin Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 07302
    201-714-5000 Motor your boat to this huge meat market on the shore of Liberty Harbor Marina, off the Hudson River. Yes, itas filled with guidos and meatheads, but the drinks can be cheap, and the outdoor space is fantastic. Donat inhale too deepayou might actually smell the Hudson. Inside is a massive, sweaty party to dance music that was never really popular anyway. If youare in the right mood, it can be a blast. If not, stay far, far away. Open seasonally, so call ahead. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sankeys NYC

    29 West 36th St. New York, NY 10018

  • Santos Party House

    Santos Party House

    96 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10013
    212-584-5492 Santos Party House is co-owned by Andrew W.K., a crazy-eyed power-metal singer and occasional motivational speaker responsible for the song "Party 'Til You Puke." W.K.'s aura pervades the venue, best represented by the encouraging signs taped onto the walls, such as "Dancing is Unrestricted" and "Please Continue Drinking." The performers--a weekly mix of DJs, rappers, and indie rockers--inhabit Santos' two floors: the musky, black-bricked basement and the spacious Roman pillar-supported room upstairs. Both are decorated with disco balls, but it's the latter that possesses W.K.'s mechanical counterpart, a 150,000-watt speaker system. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Santos

    Santos' Party House

    100 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10013

  • Sapphire


    249 Eldridge St. New York, NY 10002
    212-777-5153 Everyone from Jersey folk to Village kids to uptown city kids get down and dirty on the dim Sapphire dance floor. It's not as trendy at the Meatpacking clubs, not as aggressive as the midtown ones-and isn't that a good thing? Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sapphire New York

    333 E. 60th St. New York, NY 10065

  • Sarabanda

    3210 37th Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101

  • Sardi


    234 W. 44th St. New York, NY 10036

  • Satellite Lounge

    Satellite Lounge

    143 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn, NY 11211
    N/A Who needs chairs? If you're going to a bar to play pinball, you should go to a bar to play pinball; forget about sitting down. Sure, this joint in the heart of Williamsburg might have a few booths for your butt, but Satellite Lounge places its emphasis on the ultimate never-too-drunk-to-play game: pinball, and pinball alone. The bright marquee lights from each machine fill the large, open space, making it feel a bit like walking through Times Square. But ultimately, this bar offers a pleasant, divey feel mixed with a bunch of games. Plus, if it's your birthday, you'll be drinking for the best price: free. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Savalas

    285 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Scandals


    24-03 Queens Plaza N. Long Island City, NY 11101

    The vivacious girls of Queens can make your dollar go a long way, and they're not insulted if you ask them to turn around and shake their booties for a buck. Right at the foot of the 59th Street Bridge sits Scandals, where you'll find a girl for every flavoraAfrican American, Russian, Colombian. She's friendly, neighborly, and doesn't put on any airs. She'll even sit with you and stroke your egoaor anything elseafor less then the cost of a taxi from the city. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Schiller

    Schiller's Liquor Bar

    131 Rivington St. New York, NY 10002
    212-260-4555 Some people complain about long waits and rude service, but we'll assume they just weren't pretty enough to be there anyway. Moving on: The place has mellowed out since the initial hysteria surrounding its inception, though it's still real loud. The important question is the food. There's nothing exotic on the menu, but is it done right? Survey says yes, Balthazar's lil' sis is up to par. Everyone loves the fish-and-chips, the Cuban sandwich, and spareribs. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Scores

    536 W. 28th St. New York, NY 10001
    212-868-4900 One of the more well-known names in stripper-world, not just because of its chain status but also because of the bountiful babes. This place is high class, and you'll never make it past the door in a T-shirt and shorts (be thankfula they're keeping the tourists away with that rule). We should count how many guys stop by after work, take in a lapdance, leave with a smile, and check out Scores the stock the next morning. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Scratcher


    209 E. 5th St. New York, NY 10003

    Located beneath an apartment complex on one of the quietest, most residential blocks off Cooper Square, you could easily miss Scratcher's unmarked entrance. Of course, that's why this dive is most frequented by observant, non-student locals. They come for the solid $6 Bud 'n' bourbon deal, and they know that a healthy serving of olives awaits, if you'll only ask for it. The interior, like its neighborly charm, is simple and inconspicuous: bare brick walls, wooden pub fixtures, Christmas lights. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sean Og's Tavern

    60-02 Woodside Ave. Flushing, NY 11377

    In this friendly pub, youall be surrounded by framed pictures of Ireland, both real and imagined, people having fun, and the glow of TVs broadcasting soccer matches. A fireplace and weekend DJs are more reasons to leave your house. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Second Chance Saloon

    659 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Second on Second

    Second on Second

    27 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003
    212-473-2922 This upscale karaoke joint on Second Avenue and Second Street has the advantage over local favorite Sing Sing when it comes to drink selection, a full food menu, and a lower price per song ($1 in the main bar area). It's to be avoided, however, on weekend nights, when they sometimes charge a cover at the door ($5 for what, exactly?) and the bar is so packed, you'll wait a good hour to belt "Rock You Like a Hurricane." Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Secret Lounge

    Secret Lounge

    525 W. 29th St. New York, NY 10001

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