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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • Soho Billiards

    298 Mulberry St. New York, NY 10012
    212-925-3753 Soho Billiards took an emotional blow when Bloomberg banned smoking, but even with nicotine-free air, this no-nonsense pool hall still attracts great players. Cheep beer and huge glass windows may draw in gawkers from the streets, but if you're looking for a homey neighborhood pub with but one pool table and 12 beers on draft, you're in the wrong place. This virtually undecorated space and beer mostly by the bottle puts the emphasis where it should be: on the game. And for those really determined to play, fear not: there's more than enough pool tables to go round. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Soho House New York

    Soho House New York

    29-35 Ninth Ave. New York, NY 10014

  • Soho Park

    Soho Park

    62 Prince St. New York, NY 10012

  • SoHo Room

    203 Spring St. New York, NY 10012

  • Solas Bar

    Solas Bar

    232 E. 9th St. New York, NY 10003

  • Somethin' Jazz Club

    212 E. 52nd St. New York, NY 10022

  • Son Cubano

    Son Cubano

    405 W. 14th St. New York, NY 10014

  • Sonic Groove

    206 Ave. B New York, NY 10009

    Co-owned by seasoned New York DJs and dance music scenesters Frankie Bones, Heather Heart, and Adam X, Sonic Groove caters to DJs and techno aficionados. It recently moved shop from its West Village location on Carmine Street to the East Village. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Soomsoom Vegetarian Bar

    Soomsoom Vegetarian Bar

    166 W. 72nd St. New York, NY 10023-3303

  • Sophie's

    509 E. 5th St. New York, NY 10009

    At Sophie's, old, fat regulars sip beer next to twiggy, boa-wearing St. Anna's kids. The sub-zero-degree bathroom features some of the more invigorating graffiti scrawl in New York. When the bartender is smoking, you know it's OK to unearth your own sad pack. It's dark and no one cares. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Soundz Lounge

    3155 Broadway New York, NY 10027

    With its students-only drink specials, aSound Bombza specialty shots (try the aFat Cat Daddy Bomba!) and hip-hop-oriented College Thursdays, Soundz offers plenty of incentives for Columbia University kids to venture uptown to get trashed. And they do. Oh, they do. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • South

    629 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215-5434

  • South Houston

    South Houston

    331 W. Broadway New York, NY 10013
    212-431-0131 Southern cooking comes to hip Soho digs, thanks to chef Omar Drammeh, a native of South Africa who honed his skills at Le Bernardin. Now his kitchen puts out comfort food classics like buttermilk fried chicken and bacon-wrapped meatloaf, plus beefy burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and house-made hot dogs. Brunch isn't bad either, with chicken and waffles, steak and eggs, and biscuits and gravy on the menu. Eight rotating taps dispense international and local craft beers; if you're hitting up a party after dinner, you can fill up one of the 64 oz. growlers and take it with you. There are specialty cocktails as well, plus a good selection of wines and beer by the bottle. The food might hail from south of the Mason-Dixon, but the décor is pure Manhattan, sleek black tables and graffiti chalked on the walls. Feeling lazy? If you live in Tribeca or Soho, you can get your food delivered to you.—Keith Wagstaff Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Southampton Publick House

    Southampton Publick House

    40 Bowden Square Southampton, NY 11968

  • Southside Lounge

    41 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211

    An old man's bar for young people, this rectangular brick room is quickly becoming known as the neighborhood "conversation" lounge. Whether it's the friendly patrons or the hospitable bartenders, the fact is people are actually communicatingaintelligently, even. With a great late-night scene, the tone is set with DJs spinning a few nights a week. Even sans DJs, the bartenders aurally create a mood that keeps the painted tin roof shimmering. There's a happy hour from 4 to 8 with a dollar off all drinks. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Southside Night Club

    1 Cleveland Place New York, NY 10013

  • SouthWest NY

    301 S. End Ave. New York, NY 10280
    212-945-0528 I once saw a couple have sex while leaning against SouthWest's bar during happy hour. I swear. It was my first weekend ever in NYC, and my new boss was taking me and a few co-workers out for "get to know you" drinks. And there the two couples were, sucking face and swapping partnersahetero Wall Streeters, dressed in suits, all coked up and high on the Internet boom. Then one woman leaned back, and they went to town. Amazing. It certainly raised the bar for my expectations regarding New York's nightlife. On a side note, the margaritas are killer, the food blasA(c), and the outdoor seating refreshing. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Speakeasy


    9427 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209

  • Speed

    20 W. 39th St. New York, NY 10018-3802

  • Spider Club

    47 W. 20th St. New York, NY 10011

  • Spike Hill

    Spike Hill

    184-6 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
    718-218-9737 This Irish pub has nice booths, some exposed brick, plenty of beer, and typically bland Irish fare. Really, it's amazing that folks living in that big rain cloud across the pond could survive so long without spices, but I digress. The pub seems a bit Manhattany for Brooklyn, but because it's near the subway, it's perfect for meeting ditsy or fucked-up friends, who probably couldn't find that loft party without help. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • SPiN New York

    SPiN New York

    48 E. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010
    212-982-8802 Ready for this? SPiN is an underground ping-pong club, bar, and restaurant. Everything in it qualifies as "sweet." For example: The entrance is flanked with four huge murals, one of which depicts a paddle-wielding geezer wearing leopard pants; the room itself is 13,000 square feet with 16 tables; and Ducks, the self-explanatory in-house restaurant, is foodie-approved. Patrons are as varied as any scrum you'd encounter on the streets of NYC, but spry twentysomethings tend to dominate; as a bonus, coming here is the closest you'll get to drinking a Brooklyn Lager in the subway, as the place's only window peers out onto the downtown side of the 23rd Street 6 train. Sweet. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Spina Loft

    115 Prince St. New York, NY 10012

  • Spinning Wheel

    25-06 Broadway Long Island City, NY 11106

    Spinning Wheel is no place to pick up a woman. The patrons are all over 45-years-old and 200 lbs., and the jukebox seems to spit out only whiners like John Mellencamp and James Taylor. That said, getting drunk here is amazingly easy. A mug of Bud is $1.75. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Spiral Lounge

    244 E. Houston St. New York, NY 10002

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