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Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

Joining joints like Jimmy's #43 and Cantina, Huckleberry is one of those bars that offer amazing food made in equipment-challenged micro-kitchens.


The Forum, one of the few lounges in Union Square territory, brings peace during the weekdays and boisterous partying on the weekends. Saturdays, for example, require plus-sized bouncers to monitor the swarms of cocktail-craving, dancing citizens.
Company Bar

Company Bar

If the hockey jerseys lining the walls at Company Bar don't draw you in, the great food and unpretentious atmosphere surely will. Stop by any night of the week for a refreshing round of hot wings and cold drinks.

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  • Stitch Bar & Lounge

    Stitch Bar & Lounge

    247 37th St. New York, NY 10018
    212-852-4826 Energized by cubicle gossip, Stitch is packed by 6 p.m. and garnished in unlikely tributes to the neighborhood. Vintage sewing machines line the walls, and cocktails ($9) have names like aCashmere,a aStiletto,a and aSilk Scarf.a By 11 p.m., though, the place is pretty deserted. Most people have left the premises and proceeded downtown. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • STK


    26 Little W. 12th St. New York, NY 10014

  • Stone Creek

    140 E. 27th St. New York, NY 10016

  • Stone Rose

    10 Columbus Circle New York, NY 10019
    212-823-9769 Pretend you're rich and famous for a couple of hours. Sip something sophisticated from a martini glass, like the Knob Hill manhattan ($16) or the Stone Rose (Woodford Reserve bourbon, Grand Marnier, white cranberry juice, sour mix, and simple syrup; $14), sit back on the white leather banquette, and dip into the bowl of almonds. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Stonehome Wine Bar and Restaurant

    Stonehome Wine Bar and Restaurant

    87 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-624-9443 This Fort Greene wine bar offers 140 different kinds of the fermented drink, but plan on ordering a bottleaonly 30 varieties can be bought by the glass. Nibble on meats and cheeses while the mellow music plays in the background. Closed Mondays. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • The Stonewall Inn

    The Stonewall Inn

    53 Christopher St. New York, NY 10014
    212-488-2705 More of a museum than a bar at this point, the Stonewall Inn is an open door into the history of the West Village. In 1969, the bar was the site of the infamous Stonewall riots, which became a catalyst for the gay-rights movement in the United States. Today, the walls are lined with photos marking the Stonewall Inn's historical significance. It's still a popular spot, too--DJs play regularly, and the calendar is always full of special events, ranging from karaoke to drag queen nights. The warm interior hasn't changed, and two floors provide welcome changes in scenery. Both the bartenders and regulars are always willing to give a history lesson. The Stonewall Inn turns a night out into an educational experience. --Gabriel Herrera Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Stout NYC

    Stout NYC

    133 W. 33rd St. New York, NY 10001
    212-629-6191 Push your way through the scrum of jersey-clad Islanders fans at the front bar to discover a cavernous restaurant that-with its flagstone walls, cobblestone floor, and wrought-iron balconies-looks like a suburban house turned inside out. The bar food at this Irish gastropub is way better than it needs to be, from the doctrinaire shepherd's pie to the serious oyster service, featuring varieties from both coasts, to the so-called Wisconsin-style pizzas, which are thin-crusted and densely flavorful. The list of 100 bottled beers guarantees you can find ones with hilarious names, like Orkney Skullsplitter or Young's Dirty Dick. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Strata


    915 Broadway New York, NY 10011

  • Studio 54

    254 W. 54th St. New York, NY 10019

  • Studio at Webster Hall

    Studio at Webster Hall

    125 E. 11th St. New York, NY 10003
    212-353-1600 The Studio, a baby performance space lurking in the belly of historic Webster Hall, fits 300 people--less than a quarter of the bigger spot's capacity. Thus, with a stage low enough for climb 'n' dive antics, it's just the right size to host the latest circuit of indie rockers, giving invaluable chances to up-and-comers--including recent breakthrough acts Sleigh Bells, Marnie Stern, and Free Energy--before they graduate to the space right above their heads. There's a full bar, too, while you're waiting around for their transition. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Studio BPM

    237 Kent Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Studio Twenty One

    59 W. 21st St. New York, NY 10010

  • Studio XXI

    59 W 21st Street New York, NY 10011

  • Subway Inn

    143 E. 60th St. New York, NY 10022

    Ever notice that when you exit the 4/5/6 subway at 59th, both a Subway sandwich shop and the neon-lit sign of the Subway Inn are directly in your line of vision? That kinda thing weirds me out sometimes. Also creepy: the old manatoayoung woman ratio is usually something like 20/0 at this midtown dive. You've got the veterans, the wife beaterawearing guy who looks like (and is happy to fess up that) he's been here since noon, as well as the random dude with an unfinished manuscript, or burnt-out broker seeking solitude. As for ambiance, check out the peeling linoleum. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • The Suffolk

    107 Suffolk New York, NY 10002

  • SugarCane

    243 Park Ave. New York, NY 10017
    212-475-9377 This glampot Latin-themed lounge (attached to Sushi Samba through a thin hallway) mixes dangerously sweet concoctions, many of them involving sugarcane juice. The Cocktail Tree (12 shots for $50) is good for pushing an awkward date along (then, later, passing out). Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sugarland


    221 N. 9th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Sugarlounge

    147A Columbia St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

  • Suite Night Club

    Suite Night Club

    437 88th St. Brooklyn, NY 11209

  • Sullivan Room

    Sullivan Room

    218 Sullivan St. New York, NY 10012
    212-252-2151 Indeed, the appropriate place to experience "underground electronic music" is underground. The subterranean Sullivan Room takes great pride in its booking calendar, a selection of up-and-coming and international DJs that everyone seems to have heard of except you. This is most evident two hours after the club opens up: The sub-bass tones (and the dance-ready crowd) pour into the room at the stroke of midnight, and not a moment earlier. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • Sultana

    60 N. 4th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Coco, a retired, legendary butch go-go dancer who co-owns this lesbian hookah bar, treated patrons like familia. She worked the room like the Energizer bunny, doling out her potentaand damn goodamojitos ($9), mingling, and setting up the belly dancer for a bachelor-party crew seated on leather floor cushions under a makeshift Bedouin tent with rich red and gold fabrics draped over tall tree limbs. Her Egyptian business partner, Aymanaa former homeland- security officer clearly comfy in the harem- esque surroundingsawalked around and chatted with the ladies as he puffed on his own personal hookah, which he dragged behind him most of the night. Around two o'clock, Sage, the resident belly dancer, put the moves on the red-faced bachelor, who began excitedly throwing all his money at her. When she dropped to the floor for a split while balancing a sword on her head, the Benjamins flew from everywhere. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

  • The Summit Bar

    The Summit Bar

    133 Ave. C New York, NY 10009

  • The Sun Factory

    394 Broadway New York, NY 10013

  • Sunita Bar

    Sunita Bar

    106 Norfolk St. New York, NY 10002

  • Sunny

    Sunny's Bar In Red Hook

    253 Conover St. Brooklyn, NY 11231
    718-625-8211 To get to Sunny's in Red Hook, ye must take the F train to Smith Street, hop on the B77 bus, and hike several blocks. It's worth the trek. Sunny's feels like the middle of someone's living room, and no wonder; Sunny Balzano, the bar's long-haired namesake, thinks of it as an extension of his home next door. His great-grandfather opened the bar in 1890 as a haven for shipyard workers, and model ships still line the shelves. Bands, often bluegrass, play impromptu sets, completing the laid-back sailor vibe. Read more about this New York bar or club >>

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