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  • Longwood Gourmet

    500 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10017-2035

  • Sunrise Mart

    Sunrise Mart

    12 E. 41st St. New York, NY 10017

    This Midtown branch of beloved East Village Japanese grocery Sunrise Mart has an extensive prepared-to-order food section, both for carryout and for dining in. Sit upstairs in the peanut gallery, which furnishes beguiling views of the food prep area below, and enjoy cheap and exemplary donburi (fried things over rice, often mired in egg and onion), bento boxes that make delicious balanced meals, and hero sandwiches. It’s in the last category that Sunrise Mart improvises wildly on predictable themes: a Philly cheese steak, for example, substitutes lamb for beef and melts Swiss on top, while nouvelle hamburgers are made using rice patties as buns. Stick with the more traditional stuff and you won’t be disappointed. More >>

  • Yagura Japanese Market

    24 E. 41st St. New York, NY 10017