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  • Hamilton Fish Recreation Center

    127 Pitt St. New York, NY 10002
    212-387-7687 In addition to Ping-Pong, handball, weight rooms, basketball courts, and a computer room (donat expect cutting-edge tech), Hamilton Fish has two huge WPA-era Olympic size outdoor pools surrounded by benches and shade. Beware of officious life guards! See Parks Dept. Website for additional information. More >>

  • Hansborough Recreational Center

    35 W. 134th St. New York, NY 10037
    212-234-9603 Located in the very center of Harlem, Hansborough is one of the only city-funded recreational centers with an indoor running track. It also provides members with a variety of classes including learn-to-swim programs for people of all ages and has computer access. Check schedules for facility availability. One unique feature of Hansborough is that it also has a sunroof where members can stock up on vitamin D or attend the regular festivities that occur there. More >>

  • Har & Lee

    69 New St. New York, NY 10004-1640

  • Harbor Fitness

    191 15th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
    718-965-6200 Harbor Fitness is a little bit more of a budget outfit next to big dogs like the spanking new New York Sports Club farther down the street on 5th, yet seems to charge a fair amount still for membership on a yearly or month-by-month basis. Now open 24 hours a day. Other location: Harbor Fitness (Bay Ridge) 9215 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 718-238-9400 More >>

  • Harlem Karate Institute

    2234 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10035

    Dr. Ernest Hyman, a tenth-degree red belt (i.e. one of the best fighters in the country) teaches his students to be simultaneously aharda and agentle.a The trail to the black belt is a bit more strenuous here than at other places. Hyman requires all students to bring in their report cards: If their grades slip, he'll require that they study in the acomputer rooma for an hour before exercises. If that doesnat work, heall demote them in belt rank. More >>

  • Heights Casino

    Heights Casino

    75 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
    718-624-0810 Formerly host to the Brooklyn Debutante Ball, the Heights Casino specializes in recreating the good old, all-white splendor of early-day racquet clubs: bourbon at court-side, squeaky-strict dress codes, and an unabashedly impossible member-screening process. The center court is straddled by wicker table sets and a grand piano. This year, the club celebrates its 100th anniversary. Cheers, gents! Also at: 101 Clark St, Brooklyn, 718 923-6021. More >>

  • Hibba

    448 W. Broadway New York, NY 10012

  • Hudson Valley Resort & Spa

    400 Granite Road Kerhonkson, NY 12446

  • Hunts Point Recreational Center

    765 Manida St. Bronx, NY 10474
    718-860-5544 Hunts Point is not only comprehensive when it comes to facilities (both sport and nonasport related) it also has the efficient architecture of an airport. With such a wide range of programs for people of all ages (in addition to those clearly focused on the elderly), itas important to check the schedule for when things happen. Much like all city-funded recreational centers, the low fees and range of community events are balanced out by the highly detailed and strict schedules for access. More >>