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  • Brooklyn Bridge

    City Hall Park New York, NY 10038
    718-802-0603 The prototype is in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is news to most New Yorkers. But despite that depressing bit of information, the Brooklyn Bridge is really a sight to behold. A number of firsts happened because of the Brooklyn Bridge, not the least of which was the incorporation of the five boroughs into the "Greater City of New York" (much to the chagrin of many a Brooklynite). Manhattan entrance: Park Row and Centre Street, across from City Hall Park. Brooklyn entrance: Stairs to Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street, ramp to Johnson and Adams Streets. More >>

  • Castle Clinton

    Battery Park New York, NY 10004

    The best thing about Castle Clinton is the diorama display. The second best thing: the two men dressed as the Statue of Liberty outside. During the summer, it is a great place to catch a band. Hours: Daily hours vary More >>

  • City Hall

    1 Centre St. New York, NY 10007

  • City Hall Park

    City Hall Park

    Park Row New York, NY 10007
    212-NEW-YORK Ah, corruption, greed, scandalsa|here is where it all began. Most people only come take a look at City Hall Park because they are on their way to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is shameful. SHAMEFUL. The north end of the park houses Tweed Court House. A den of corruption in the 1870as, which mirrors some parts of New York today, the Court House cost New York taxpayers almost $12 million to build, well, $4 million. The other 8 went to Tweed. The building directly to the south is City Hall, which is, well, City Hall. More >>

  • Down Town Association

    60 Pine Street New York, NY 10005

  • Ellis Island

    Battery Park New York, NY 10004
    212-269-5755 Some 12 million people came to the U.S. via Ellis Island during its 64-year history. Reopened in 1974 as a museum for the public, it now has a searchable registry of all the immigrants who came through its doors. More >>

  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum

    Ellis Island New York, NY 10004
    212-344-0996 Museum Hours: Daily 9:30am until 5:00pm (extended hours in the summer) More >>

  • Federal Hall Memorial

    26 Wall St. New York, NY 10005

  • Fort Jay

    10 South St. New York, NY 10004

  • Municipal Building

    1 Centre St. New York, NY 10007

  • Statue of Liberty/Liberty Park

    Battery Park New York, NY 10004
    866-statue4 The view is nice from the top (25 windows in the crown symbolize "heavenas rays shining on earth"), but thereas really no reason to spend a whole afternoon, climbing up in the dark. The 130-year old statue, which was designed in part by Gustave Eiffel, is 151 feet high (and 220 tons) If you're not keen on barfy boat rides ( with tourists), the view of the statue from Battery Park is excellent. Hours: Daily 8:30am-6pm (except Christmas) More >>

  • Wall Street

    Wall St. New York, NY 10005
    212-699-4096 Wall street, where the old Dutch wall once stood, is a great place for a wander from downtown to the Seaport. Start at Trinity Church, walk past the Stock Exchange and Federal Hall, wander past J.P. Morganas former apartment, check out 40 Wall, the building that competed with the Chrysler building for tallest. For a map and some history, visit the downtown alliance website. More >>

  • World Trade Center Site

    Church St. btwn Liberty & Vesey St. New York, NY 10048
    N/A Everyone should go at least once. And everyone should know what is happening to this place, but don't bug New Yorkers about it. Itas too hard to talk about. Be respectful. Be quiet. Donat talk on your cell phones. Have a beer in a local joint nearby that may have to shut down due to lack of revenue. And donat buy those tacky-as-hell cards and books. More >>