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  • Paris Theatre

    4 W. 58th St. New York, NY 10019
    212-688-3800 The romantically-inclined moviegoer"s last refuge from the clinical stench of corporate megaplex, the single-screen Paris offers independent and foreign films-often French-for the bourgeois Manhattanites who prefer the warm privacy of balcony seating. Not quite a genuine French cinematheque, but pretty darn close. More >>

  • Pavilion Cinema

    Pavilion Cinema

    188 Prospect Park W. Brooklyn, NY 11215
    718-369-0838 The Pavilion is a 10-screen cinema located on the sleepy, scenic roundabout that's found on the southwest corner of Prospect Park. This independent theater mostly shows mainstream, first-run movies, has 3D (for $3 extra), and is across the street from the 15 Street Prospect Park F/G metro station. The Pavilion's tall facade, grand marquee, and impressive number of screens and large auditoriums suggest the Slope's park-side grandeur. But inside, the Pavilion is a down-to-earth neighborhood moviehouse with a good matinee price and nightly late shows. More >>

  • Pavilion Theatre

    188 Prospect Park W. Brooklyn, NY 11215

    I always wondered where parents hid the Slope's young adults (did they just roll tykes downhill when they started to outgrow the baby carriages?) until hitting the Park Slope Pavilion on a Friday night. Maybe it's just me, but the adolescent hormones swirling around in that joint could rub off on even the most grizzled, serious-minded moviegoing couple. After all, there's got to be some K-I-S-S-I-N-G to bring about those baby carriages. More >>

  • Port Jefferson Cinemas

    Port Jefferson Cinemas

    1068 Route 112 Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
    631-928-3456 This independent seven-screen theater located in Port Jefferson shows classic, independent, and mainstream movies with matinee showings until 6pm. Hold on to your stub after the show, if your ticket matches that weeks “winning numbers" you can score two free movie passes. More >>

  • Port Washington Cinema

    116 Main St. Port Washington, NY 11050