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  • ReRun Gastropub Theater

    ReRun Gastropub Theater

    147 Front St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
    718-766-9110 ReRun Theater is a quirky single screen cinema in DUMBO that shows independent and art house films as well as special event screenings. The auditorium is small with seating cobbled together from old van seats, but the 12 foot screen has 1080p HD digital projection and full surround sound. So don't worry: The atmosphere feels like a decked out, cozy home theater. And because of its down-the-hall connection to the chic ReBar gastropub, ReRun's concession stand has both an executive chef and pastry chef. Typical cinema snacks are given gourmet twists, like steak sausage hot dogs, polenta stuffed pretzels, and popcorn greased with duck fat. Plus, the snack counter serves dessert and pours beer from two rotating taps. Check ReRun's website for screening info, special events, tickets, or reservations for dinner and a movie at ReBar. More >>