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  • Center Stage

    48 W. 21st St. New York, NY 10010

  • Central Park, Rumsey Playfield

    Central Park, Rumsey Playfield

    5th Ave. New York, NY 10065

  • Chhandayan Center for Indian Music

    4 W. 43rd St. New York, NY 10036

  • Chhandayan Center for Indian Music

    4 W. 43rd St. New York, NY 10036

  • Cielo


    18 Little W. 12th St. New York, NY 10014
    212-645-5700 Winner of the DanceStar USA award for best club, Cielo boasts a slew of top-notch DJs and weekly parties like Francois Kas Monday night aDeep Space.a Beautiful people abound in this polished house-music haven with a sunken dancefloor that gets tons of foot traffic. The walls glow just about everywhere and comfy seating provides a respite from all the boogying. When it comes to dancing here, donat be afraid to let loose. More >>

  • Circoloco Party Place

    213 N. 8th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • City Winery

    City Winery

    155 Varick St. New York, NY 10013
    212-608-0555 Everything you need to know about City Winery: wine, wine, wine, cheese, wine. This massive (21,000 square feet!), Mediterranean-styled wine bar and music venue offers patrons a "Build-a-Barrel" special, which involves selecting crimson-colored grapes from the Olsen Family Vineyard, investing in an American Oak barrel, and then aging your own Pinot Noir. As for the menu, your meal of choice is dictated by one of the 500 varieties of wine available. Equally eclectic artists perform in front of stacked wine barrels; private parties dine among fruit-smelling, wine-making equipment downstairs; main-area guests access a tap that pumps up home-brewed ruby goodness straight from the cellar. More >>

  • Club Bang

    1545 63rd St. Brooklyn, NY 11219

  • Club Freetime

    20 Waterside Plaza New York, NY 10010

  • The Club

    74 E. 4th St. New York, NY 10003

  • Cobi's Place

    158 W. 48th St. New York, NY 10036

  • Columbia University, Philosophy Hall

    116th St. at College Walk New York, NY 10027

  • Con Edison Auditorium

    4 Irving Place New York, NY 10003

  • Concert Grove

    Prospect Pk Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • The Concert Hall at NYSEC

    2 W. 64th St. New York, NY 10023

  • Connolly

    Connolly's Pub

    121 W. 45th St. New York, NY 10036
    212-597-5126 45th Street hosts a row of jumbo-sized Irish pubs, Connolly's being the most musical of the bunch. Accordingly, the bar has all the standard Irish-pub conventions--Guinness, chicken pot pie, mahogany counter tops, flat-screen TV's--mixed with jocular tourists and after-work types. Upstairs, you'll find Klub 45, a wooded hall featuring live Americana, singer-songwriters, and classic-rock troubadours. For a preview, stand outside; we think you'll find that whoever's up there does a mean "Brown Eyed Girl." More >>

  • Construction Company

    10 E. 18th St. New York, NY 10003

  • Continental


    25 Third Ave. New York, NY 10003
    212-529-6924 Continental sits at the gateway to St. Marks, the East Village's tourist mecca, and lures 'em in with an unbeatable deal: "Five shots of anything, $10, all day/all night (yes, we're serious)." The '70s-wood-paneled insides are filled with studded leather booths, vintage Heineken advertisements, a grungy jukebox, and a projector screen. They pull in a few locals, too, and hey, with Four Loko no longer around, Continental has one of the cheapest drinking deals in town. More >>

  • Converse Rubber Tracks

    130 Hope St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Converse Rubber Tracks

    130 Hope St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Cooper Union, Wollman Auditorium

    51 Astor Place New York, NY 10003

  • The Cove

    106 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • The Creek

    10-93 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101

  • The Cutting Room

    The Cutting Room

    44 E. 32nd St. New York, NY 10016
    212-691-1900 The Cutting Room feels like classic old New York with its plush sofas and sparkling chandeliers. You're virtually guaranteed good music, ranging from jazz to rock. However, if you're looking for a bit more adventure, visit the joint on Saturday nights when the erotic burlesque show Le Scandal runs, featuring everything from a bellydancer to a sword-swallower. Specialty drinks ($10 to $12) include the Wasabi Dirty Mary (Absolut Citron and a secret mix) and Strawberry Fields (Stoli Strasberi, strawberry puree, creme de cassis, and sugar syrup). More >>

  • CVZ Contemporary

    446 Broadway New York, NY 10013

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