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  • 13 Thames

    13-1 Thames St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • 929

    929 Broadway New York, NY 11206

  • 979 Broadway Backyard

    979 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11221

  • Bossa Nova Civic Club

    1271 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

  • Bossa Nova Civic Club

    1271 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

  • Bushwick Starr

    Bushwick Starr

    207 Starr St. Brooklyn, NY 11237
    212-868-4444 It's hard to even imagine a theater any more endemically Bushwick than the Bushwick Starr. The small but lively space feels more like a particularly enthusiastic community playhouse in some other, less theater-saturated part of the country. Which is not to say amatuer, quality and creativity abound in this not-for-profit producer of plays, dance, and puppetry. Even though it's located on quiet Starr Street, it is situated in the center of Bushwick's burgoening nightlife scene, and post-show tickets can be exchanged for freebes at nearby bars and restaurants. For those unfamiliar with the outer reaches of the L train, the nearby Jefferson stop can be a trek, but one well worth it to visit this borough mainstay. More >>

  • Cafe Orwell

    247 Varet St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • Fort Useless

    36 Ditmars St. Brooklyn, NY 11221

  • Little Skips

    941 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

  • The Morgan

    25 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • Party Expo

    929 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • Shea Stadium

    20 Meadow St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • Tandem Bar

    Tandem Bar

    236 Troutman St. Brooklyn, NY 11237