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  • Barbes


    376 9th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
    718-965-9177 The neon-lit Hotel D'Orsay sign looming over the back room's stage (on which alt-lit freshmen air out their slam poetry and Brazilian bongo kings groove impromptu) is not the only attitude at this Park Slope hideaway. The burly bartender is blunt and stone-faced, but is happy to break out rarely imbibed aperitifs, and teach you the way Ernest and Ezra drank Pernod and Ricard in Paris back in their literary day. Try a Barbes, basically a Cosmo with dashes of Chambord and Pernod. Stay for the band, and you won't be disappointed; this is one of the finest world music venues in town. More >>

  • Belarusian Church

    401 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Brooklyn Lyceum

    227 Fourth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music

    58 7th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • The Douglass Loft

    300 Douglass St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • Douglass Street Music Collective

    295 Douglass St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • The Good Coffeehouse

    53 Prospect Park W. & 2nd St. Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Ibeam

    168 7th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Jalopy Theater

    Jalopy Theater

    315 Columbia St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-395-3214 The door to the Jalopy Theater near Red Hook could be mistaken for a portal to H.G. Wells’ old-fashioned time machine, to a world where modern rock hasn't yet been invented and steamboats are the main way to visit your relatives. This spot is off the beaten path but offers an eclectic range of music, including roots music, blues, old-time Americana, country and everything else found under that flag. There’s a tiny bar, but the main draw is the theater in the back. The space functions as an instrument repair shop during the day, and the setting reflects that: scattered guitars and wires and tools strewn everywhere. The tunes are always the focus--you’re unlikely to find over-drunk or noisy patrons, considering the effort it takes to get here and the specialized program the Jalopy offers. Grab a mason jar full of beer and sit back in one of the old church pews and fall into a different age--your mutton chops that look out of place in Williamsburg seem to make sense down here. --Dale Eisinger More >>

  • Littlefield


    622 Degraw St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • Prospect Park Bandshell

    Prospect Park Bandshell

    9th St. & Prospect Park W. Brooklyn, NY 11215
    212-639-9675 The Prospect Park bandshell plays host to some of the city's most eclectic musical nights out. The setting alone in the heart of the park provides an easy way to get away from the city's bustle. Plus? The booking is consistently quality. During the summer months, as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn initiative, the Bandshell offers weekly free concerts of some of the biggest, family-friendly acts. And really, seeing artists in a near-forest setting just can’t be beat. But unfortunately, space is quite limited. Sometimes, you might find yourself outside the perimeter of this amphitheater, peeking in like an outsider. Getting a beer is a bit tough, too, as you purchase tickets that are eventually turned into booze. Plus, as always with outdoor spaces, acoustics can be the main detriment. But fortunate for the park, that bandshell does wonders for holding in the sound. --Dale Eisinger More >>

  • Puppet's Jazz Bar

    481 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • The Rock Shop

    The Rock Shop

    249 Fourth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Roulette Brooklyn

    Roulette Brooklyn

    509 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • Union Hall

    Union Hall

    702 Union St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
    718-638-4400 Park Slope packs a lot into one small, book-lined space: bocce ball, the best up-and-coming indie acts, and Tearing the Veil of Maya, a weekly comedy show with Eugene Mirman and Michael Showalter. Also: beer. More >>

  • Zora Space

    315 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215