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  • Fort Washington Park

    W. 158th to 181st St. New York, NY 10027

  • Holcombe Rucker Memorial Park

    155th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd. New York, NY 10039

  • Inwood Park

    218th St. Inwood, NY 11096

  • Jackie Robinson Bandshell

    142nd and Bradhurst Ave. New York, NY 10031

  • Lasker Rink

    Central Park & 106th St. New York, NY 10026

    Unlike its congested sister rink, Wollman (located smack in the center of the city), Lasker is empty enough that a couple deep glides across the rink wonat leave you pressed against someone elseas body. During the summer, the rink is converted into an enormous swimming pool packed with so many children that laps are pretty much out of the question. More >>

  • Marcus Garvey Park

    18 Mount Morris Pk. W. New York, NY 10027

  • Riverbank State Park Pool

    Riverbank State Park Pool

    679 Riverside Drive New York, NY 10031

    Forget overpriced gym memberships and jogging in sweaty overcrowded streets. Forget the swanky and uptight Chelsea Piers. For $2 you can splash and giggle and dolphin-dive in Riverbank State Park's enormous indoor and outdoor pool complex. Rec swim is a community event, a rare treat in this anonymous urban-indoor-gym world. You'll dodge elaborate pool games and swimming lessons as you shriek and somersault amid watery mayhem. Lap swimming is available for the more sedate or serious athletes. The rest of us prefer wriggling around, pretending we're five as we try to avoid getting dunked. More >>

  • Rucker Park

    155th St. & Frederick Douglass Blvd. New York, NY 10039
    212-639-9675 Entertainer's is one of two star-studded leagues that operate each summer at Rucker Park, the legendary Harlem playground at 155th Street and Eighth Avenue. Over the years, these rims have been bent by the likes of Kareem Abdul Jabbar (back when he was still Lew Alcindor) and Kobe Bryant (before the scandal). Originally just named P.S. 156, the courts were dedicated in 1974 to Holcombe Rucker, a heroic Parks Department employee who created a refuge for neighborhood youth underneath the halos of these rims (and begat a veritable brand name). More >>

  • St. Nicholas Park

    135th & St. Nicholas Ave. New York, NY 10027

  • St. Nicholas Park Basketball Courts

    135th & St. Nicholas Ave. New York, NY 10027

    Four Courts: W. 129th St. & St. Nicholas Ave. 128th St. & 7 Ave. 130th St. & 7 Ave. W. 133rd St. & St. Nicholas Ave. More >>

  • Swindler Cove Park

    Harlem River Drive & Dyckman St. New York, NY 10027

  • West Harlem Piers Park

    125th Street and the Hudson River New York, NY 10027