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  • DUMBO General Store

    111 Front St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • Galapagos Art Space

    Galapagos Art Space

    16 Main St. Brooklyn, NY 11201
    718-222-8500 Not just a nice bar with a reflecting pool anymore, Galapagos has all kinds of crazy action: music, comedy, film, interactive multimedia extravaganzas, burlesque, readings, and talking giraffes (OK, that last one hasn't happened yet, but I wouldn't be surprised). More >>

  • St. Ann

    St. Ann's Warehouse

    29 Jay St. New York, NY 11201
    718-254-8779 A former spice warehouse in Dumbo is the site for Art at St. Ann's (rechristened St. Ann's Warehouse), a venue for theater, music and other artistic performances. Laurie Anderson, Joe Strummer, Wooster Group, David Bowie, and Jeff Tweedy have all performed here. More >>