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  • Patel Brothers

    Patel Brothers

    42-92 Main St. Flushing, NY 11355

  • Patricia Field

    306 Bowery New York, NY 10012
    212-966-4066 Specializing in cutesy fuck-me clothes, Hotel Venus is arranged like a mini rain forest: porn-star manikins seductively lean against random bits of foliage. Even the clothes hereahanging on indiscrete little bars and deeply complicated by frills, nets and strapsalook somewhat feral. For those who want a full-bodied clubbing experience, wigs, stilettos and other well-designed slut-wear are scattered throughout the store. More >>

  • Paul Frank

    195 Mulberry St. New York, NY 10012
    212-965-5079 I bought something here once. It was a little cotton T-shirt and it had a picture of a monkey (yes, obviously, that monkey) on it. It was totally adorable. But it was a present for a two-year-old. She loved it ("It's a monkey!" she screamed) but, as I said before, she's a two year-old. Everything in here seems fine for the under-sixteen set, and maybe for the college coed experimenting with irony, but unless you're taking the kids out shopping, I better not catch you here. More >>

  • Paul Smith

    108 5th Ave. New York, NY 10011
    212-627-9770 Paul Smith will always be the only Sir Paul for me. I defy you to not fall in love with this madcap genius, his exuberant use of color and pattern, his handsome bags and shoes, and the very look of the store itselfait's all incredible. Paul Smith, as a designer, accomplishes something very rare: You can wear his clothes and look like an individual. You could even wear it head to toe and not look like you worked at the Paul Smith store, which says a great deal about his idiosyncratic talent. More >>

  • Paul Stuart

    350 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10002
    212-682-0320 Some upstart young i-bankers might prefer to kick it in a newfangled Prada or Hedi Slimane suit, but for the seriously old-school businessman, Paul Stuart is still the store of choice. (They can bring work with them everywhere they go, courtesy of those bull-and-bear cufflinks.) Suit jackets worthy of Tom Wolfe in silk and linen run about $1000 here; try those $300 Nubuck loafers in white to match. What up, dandy. More >>

  • Paula Jean's

    15 Old Town Road East Setauket, NY 11733

  • Paws in Chelsea

    145 W. 24th St. New York, NY 10011
    212-645-7297 The Dalton of kennels, Paws in Chelsea requires screening interviews for all dogs with questionable adispositions.a Once admitted, things go pretty smoothly: Pets are provided with filtered water, sofas, beds, TVs, music, and real-live indoor grass. More >>

  • Pax Wholesome Foods

    1776 Broadway New York, NY 10019

  • A Pea In The Pod

    4420 13th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219
    718-871-9430 Displaying a somewhat clinical attitude toward fashion, Mimi Maternity clothes are comfortable, inexpensive, and easy (nine months later) to part with. More >>

  • A Pea in the Pod

    151 W. 34th St. New York, NY 10001
    212-659-4400 Pregnant women look fantastic, with their healthy glows and silky hair. But they look super cute when wearing the stylish and sexy clothes from A Pea in the Pod. The fashions are flattering to a changing body, and the fabrics, colors, and cuts lend to the modern, individualistic looks. More >>

  • A Pea in the Pod

    860 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10021
    212-988-8039 Pregnant women look fantastic, with their healthy glows and silky hair. But they look super cute when wearing the stylish and sexy clothes from A Pea in the Pod. The fashions are flattering to a changing body, and the fabrics, colors, and cuts lend to the modern, individualistic looks. More >>

  • Peaches


    393 Lewis Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11233


    136 N. TENTH St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Peanut Butter & Jane

    617 Hudson St. New York, NY 10014

    The kind of kooky kids' clothes that seem giddy with the idea of being whimsical. Some ways of achieving said state: cutesy product names, vintage baby knitwear, and an enormous selection of unusable tutus. More >>

  • Pearl Paint

    Pearl Paint

    308 Canal St. New York, NY 10013
    212-431-7932 In the beginning, Pearl Paint was a humble, industrial paint store on Chambers. But as the Bohemian artists thronged to Soho, the need for paint supplies grew, and Pearl became the beast on Canalaselling everything from expensive canvases to origami paper. Although sometimes a bit haphazardly organized, the store has just about everything, and, thankfully, the staff manages to stifle snickers at ignorant questions much of the time. If the walk up Pearlas endless, steep, stuffy staircase seems too much, ask about the unadvertised elevator in back. More >>

  • Pearl Paint 2000

    Hempstead Turnpike East Meadow, NY 11554

  • Pearl River Mart

    Pearl River Mart

    477 Broadway New York, NY 10013

  • Pema

    225 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
    718-388-8814 Although Pema officially markets itself as a classy Tibetan boutique, it sometimes crosses the border into faux Indian meets trendster Lands' End. They have linen pants, thick woolen sweaters, and plenty of scarves, coupled with hip brooches and mid-range costume jewelry. The hand-beaded shirts and tanktops, along with the slippers, give it an ethnic edge. It's schizophrenic in a good way. More >>

  • Penn Books

    Penn Books

    1 Pennsylvania Plaza New York, NY 10119

  • Penn Video

    252 W. 31st St. New York, NY 10001

    Small and greasy, the 11-year-old Penn Video is one of the few sex shops to have survived Giulianias scrubbing of Times Square. More >>

  • Penny Whistle Toys

    1283 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10028

    This impressively crammed store specializes in high-quality playthings (especially board games and Hello Kitty dolls) from Scandinavia and Europe. More >>

  • Penthouse Executive Club

    Penthouse Executive Club

    603 W. 45th St. New York, NY 10036
    212-245-0002 Donat even try to get through the door wearing jeans or sneakersaPenthouse dominates as a high-class tittie bar for Wall Streeters who can afford a bottle of $700 champagne, and who languidly push $50s into the G-strings of favorite strippers. For a little extra cash, reserve a private room lavishly decorated like a harem, or maybe order a table dance while youare dining at the on-site five-star steakhouse. If you canat afford the place, we suggest Jersey. More >>

  • Permanent Records

    Permanent Records

    181 Franklin St. New York, NY 11222

  • Pet Central

    776 6th Ave. New York, NY 10001
    212-213-3980 Lots of pet stores smell like, uh, pet stores. Like really intense pet stores full of crazy pet-obsessed types. Pet Central is almost scentless, and unusually organized, well-lit, and well-stocked. The staff can help you choose your cat food, and they deliver for free. More >>

  • Peter Elliot

    1070 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10028

    Peter Elliott dresses his pricey suits down with splashy, often effeminate items, like velvet coats or abrasively bright shirts. More >>

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