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  • Target

    8801 Queens Blvd. Flushing, NY 11373
    718-760-5656 A monster Target with all you've grown to love: Isaac Mizrahi's coveted clothing line, Michael Graves teapots, cheap college-ready furniture, budget-priced electronics, and Tide as far as the eye can see. Suburban comforts reach the city at last. More >>

  • Target

    13505 20th Ave. Flushing, NY 11356
    718-661-4346 A monster Target with all you've grown to love: Isaac Mizrahi's coveted clothing line, Michael Graves teapots, cheap college-ready furniture, budget-priced electronics, and Tide as far as the eye can see. Suburban comforts reach the city at last. More >>

  • Tartine


    253 W. 11th St. New York, NY 10014
    212-229-2611 Split in half, sodden with butter, and crunchy on top with slivered almonds and coagulated sugar, the almond croissant is so good at Tartine that we're going to give up on this item and walk out to get a few right now. . . . More >>

  • TASCHEN Books

    107 Greene Street New York, NY 10012

  • Taschen Store - New York

    107 Greene St. New York, NY 10012

  • Tasting World

    307 W. 38th New York, NY 10018

  • Tattoo Culture

    129A Roebling St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • TB Ackerson Wine Merchants

    1205 Cortelyou Road New York, NY 11226

  • The Tea Lounge

    837 Union St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
    718-789-2762 With over 70 brands of loose-leaf teas, this quiet lounge caters to young, pretty, yoga-inclined mothers and their well-dressed toddlers/dogs. A slim selection of wines and beers (many of them organic) complement the hot drinks but seem, for the most part, irrelevant. More >>

  • Ted Baker London

    107 Grand St. New York, NY 10013
    212-343-8989 Appreciators of Ted Baker's cheerily striped blazer linings and button-downs should be pleasedathe new shop in Soho will provide a wider selection of both, as well as the well-cut women's dresses and watches for both sexes. More >>

  • Teigman Press

    Teigman Press

    176 Delancey New York, NY 10002

    Teigman Press is a small, forgotten, antiquated print shop buried under 100 feet of dust from the Williamsburg Bridge. The fancy stationery stores, like Papivore and Kate's Paperie, will charge at least $200, then have you wait two weeks, to have something done the antique wayareal ink, real plates, imprinted under 500-degree heat. Allen will do it, for antique prices, but he won't understand why. "We have computers today, you know?" he says, scratching his head. Normal hours, he claims, are weekdays from "eight or so" till "four or so." So call first. More >>

  • Tekserve


    119 W. 23rd St. New York, NY 10011
    212-929-3645 Even if Apple just opened a new store in Soho, they still don't have the ability to fix older models. New Yorkers have flocked to Tekserve for Mac needs since 1990, and their full-service tech center boasts same-day service for most upgrades, plus an ancient Coke machine that spits out glass bottles for 10 cents in the waiting area. If you know how to install your own equipment, they offer a host of supplies for your vintage Mac SE model or your brand new G4. More >>

  • Temp Tu Marketing

    522 46th Ave. New York, NY 11101

  • Temperley

    453 Broome St. New York, NY 10013
    212-219-2929 Elleas 2004 Young Designer of the Year, Alice Temperely crafts feminine, flouncy dresses with intricate adornmentsalace, sequins, flowey chiffon layers and glitter. More >>

  • Ten Ren Tea & Ginseng Co.

    75 Mott St. New York, NY 10013
    212-349-2286 This mini-chain of mind-boggling Chinese tea emporiums also carries the necessary accessoriesaor as they call itatea equipment: teapots, cups, canisters, and trays. In addition to the goods, get a full education (historical and scientific) from the staff and the website. This location serves the popular bubble tea (with tapioca pearls). See website for other locations. More >>

  • Tenement Museum Store

    108 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002
    212-982-8420 The LES Tenement Museum has a small, highly edited selection of books, which slip into simple ethnic categories (Italian, Jewish, Asian and more). A respectful tour through the preserved apartments of the Rogarshevskyas and Gumpertz and an anonymous seamstress from Poland, will whip you into the mood for titles like When I was Puerto Rican, Whoas Irish? and, of course, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. More >>

  • Terence Conran Shop

    407 E. 59th St. New York, NY 10022
    212-755-9079 I can't wait to get married, for love sure, but also so I can register at the Terence Conran Shop. The New York outpost of tastemaker Conran's international empire has all sorts of incredible things: cool furniture, excellent appliances, chic tabletop stuff and all kinds of daring objects that you can just scatter around your home.It's hard to explain the unifying theme, though there certainly is one: everything here is just, for lack of a better word, cool. More >>

  • Teresa's Italian Ices and Cafe

    1298 Crosby Ave. Bronx, NY 10461
    718-828-4002 Teresa's Ices are the real deal. Going way beyond the "blue, red, white, and rainbow," they take flavor and texture seriously, with a line of "Cream ices" as well as sorbets. Flavors include Butterfingers, Cannoli, Mango, Tangerine, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Root Beer, and many more. Of course, there's also good old Bubble Gum, Cherry, Lemon, and Rainbow. Aside from the icy treats, they also sell homemade pasta, mozzarella, sauces, and all kinds of Italian baked goods, coffee, and more. More >>

  • Terry

    Terry's Gourmet

    575 Sixth Ave. New York, NY 10011

    On the surface, this is a typical deli, with orderly displays of shrimp salad, fruit salad, chicken salad, green salad, and rollmops made of boiled ham. Forget it all and order a roti, the stuffed Trinidadian flatbread that's assembled at a counter hidden from public view and usually eaten by the deli staff (weekdays only). The choices are chicken, beef, shrimp, and goat, which are mixed with a delicious curry of potatoes and chick peas. The bread is dhal poori, introduced to the Caribbean by Indian immigrants. Beware of the bones in the chicken and goat. More >>

  • Terry's West Village Wine

    35 Greenwich Ave. New York, NY 10014

  • TG-170


    77 Ludlow St. New York, NY 10002
    212-995-8660 This tiny trailblazer has been selling hip clothes to downtown types since before the Lower East Side was reduced to a real estate broker's acronym. Styles tend toward the feminine, but not in an over the top way, so customers can feel like women but not like their grandmothers. More >>

  • The Daily

    The Daily

    210 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012
    212-334-9728 From the people who brought you antipodes­-themed restaurant Public comes The Daily, a cocktail bar that focuses on pre­-Prohibition drinks, listed on chalkboard­-covered walls alongside food specials and changed on a whim (daily, actually, which is where the name comes from). The bar staff here checks the requisite craft cocktail boxes — fresh garnishes, geeky spirits, plenty of tinctures — but puts it all together in concoctions that are always seductive, particularly impressive given how frequently offerings change. They're served in what would be a breezy space made intimate by plush booths, a cozy bar, and the crush of people that inevitably fills this spot on a weekend; because it's located next door to its sibling, it pulls a crowd of patrons waiting on tables — in addition to its own stylish group of drinkers. More >>

  • The Society Boutique

    1440 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10028

    Formerly know as the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Thrift Shop. This unthrifty Upper East Side thrift shop receives most of its donations (designer clothes, dishes, and antiques) from affluent neighbors. All proceeds go to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. More >>

  • The Thing

    The Thing

    1001 Manhattan Ave. New York, NY 11222

  • This 'n' That Collectables

    124 W. 25th St. New York, NY 10001

    If you don't have a crazy aunt of your own who lets you raid her closet full of costume jewelry and bakelyte bracelets, you can recreate the feeling in this cramped jewel box of mostly 60s jewelry and tableware. More >>

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