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  • Apple Art Supplies

    321 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205

    This art supply store with the healthy name has been serving stoned Pratt students for years. Located next to the campus, Apple Art has something for everyone, but it mainly caters to students studying architecture, graphic design and painting, and lacks a bit on the sculpture and industrial design side. These friendly folk keep tabs on their customers: "Your new haircut looks so cute! Why haven't I seen you in such a long time?" so be prepared to make friends. More >>

  • Chinantla


    657 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205

    Named after a town in southwestern Puebla, Chinantla is a bright spot in the dining galaxy surrounding Pratt Institute. Once a grocery, the space has been fitted out like a cafeteria, with seating in the back room, a steam table, and colorful photos of the provender. The huaraches are especially good, made with recently hand-patted masa, and the Pueblan sandwiches called cemitas -- made with round, seeded rolls, and dressed with avocado and sun-dried chiles -- are equally dope. The most fiery thing on the menu, chicken tinga -- a generous quantity of poultry in a thick pasted laced with chipotles -- reminded us of Indian chicken tikki masala. More >>

  • Greenlight Bookstore

    Greenlight Bookstore

    686 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • Habana


    757 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-858-9500 The Fort Greeneabase of Sean Meenan's CafA(c) Habana is a cheerful, community-oriented eco-eatery that offers outdoor markets on Saturday afternoons and movie nights on Sundays at 8. The drinks come in biodegradable cornstarch cups. The plates are made from sugar cane. The lighting inside (boy, is there lightinganot much opportunity for romance here) is partially powered by solar panels in the courtyard, and while most of the seating is outdoor, the centerpiece of the Outpost is the world's first sunlit chandelier. More >>

  • Moshood


    698 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-243-9433 "And please watch the buttons on that jacket; it's a Moshood," warns a customer at Different Cleaners II, and so goes another testament to one of black Brooklyn's most cherished cultural institutions. The line's logoathe omnipresent African Spiritacan be seen borough-wide, staring at you from a red-and-black plaid wrap suit outside Atlantic Center or from the back of a T-shirt inside Cellars. You may never see it referenced in Vogue or Vibe, but for many Brooklynites, it's the chicest thing going on. More >>

  • Root Stock & Quade

    471 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
    718-832-1888 Specializing in events like weddings and other parties, Root Stock & Quade is known for imaginative arrangements designed specially for each client. On a smaller scale, they certainly surpass expectations for more portable arrangements, with unusual exotic plants and the best of your favorites. More >>

  • Stuart & Wright

    Stuart & Wright

    85 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

  • Target

    139 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217
    718-290-1109 A monster Target with all you've grown to love: Isaac Mizrahi's coveted clothing line, Michael Graves teapots, cheap college-ready furniture, budget-priced electronics, and Tide as far as the eye can see. Suburban comforts reach the city at last. More >>