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  • Doggystyle

    73 Thompson St. New York, NY 10012
    212-431-9200 A high-end pet store for Sohoas fashionists, this shop's the place to pick up brand name leashes and collars. The store also sells monogrammed blankets and customized T-shirts for trendy pups. More >>

  • Eddie Bauer

    578 Broadway New York, NY 10012
    212-925-2179 Why this store hasnat already gone out of business in New York remains unclear. Eddie Bauer caters to white adults who enjoy driving SUVs and rafting. More >>

  • Elie Tahari

    417 W. Broadway New York, NY 10012
    212-334-4441 Every sexy, powerful businesswoman seems to have at least one Elie Tahari pants suit located somewhere in her closet, sandwiched between the Armani and the Calvin Klein. Add a pair of Manolos, and the Master of the Universe look (estrogen edition) is complete. More >>

  • Emporio Armani

    410 W. Broadway New York, NY 10012
    646-613-8099 I actually prefer this line to the Giorgio Armani Collection, and not just because I'm a cheapskate; the looks tend to be a little sleeker and a bit more energeticageared toward the younger customer. These threads still cost a pretty penny, of course, but looking good requires hard work. More >>

  • Enchanted Forest

    85 Mercer St. New York, NY 10012

    Live trees separate different sections of this store, a jungle of marionettes, rubber frogs, stuffed lemurs, and glow-in-the-dark stars. More >>

  • Eres

    98 Wooster St. New York, NY 10012
    212-431-7300 If you want to look chic and oh-so-French at the beach, but aren't quite ready to go topless, Eres makes body-flattering (and not too wallet-depleting) swimwear with contours and simple color palettes that are terribly continental. There's also a fine selection of similarly well-designed lingerie. More >>

  • Erica Weiner Jewelry

    Erica Weiner Jewelry

    173 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012

  • Esprit

    583 Broadway New York, NY 10012
    646-823-0183 It's still around? Well, apparently the '80s California label Esprit has kept going, "kicky" stencil logo and all (it always looked like "Sprit," to us). How come back then you couldn't collect enough Sprit t-shirts, but now it looks like budget Zara? OTHER LOCATIONS: 110 Fifth Ave at 16th St New York, NY 10011 Time Warner Center 10 Columbus Circle New York, NY 10019 More >>

  • Evolution

    120 Spring St. New York, NY 10012

  • Face Stockholm

    110 Prince St. New York, NY 10012
    212-966-9110 Face Stockholm is one of those cosmetics lines that claims to be all about looking natural, as though slathering pigments and ointments all over your body was the most natural thing in the world. Still, professionals and amateurs alike swear by this collection, an assortment of bold lipsticks and daring eye shadows, no-fuss foundations and long-lasting nail polishes. More >>

  • Facial Index

    104 Grand St. New York, NY 10013
    646-613-1055 Sleek, minimal frames imported from Japan are the name of the game here. We imagine their proximity to art-gallery dealers is not by coincidence. More >>

  • Fashion/Plate NYC

    264 Grand St. New York, NY 10012

    Elevating the afusiona fetish to new levels of extravagance, Plate NYC is simultaneously a boutique, restaurant and bar, serving Latin-Asian asaktailsa with ingredients like mamey puree, celery chunks and cactus. In the front of the store are pricey impulse buys like skateboards, gold denim mini skirts, and excessively intricate cakes. The dining room seats 12. More >>

  • Flora

    72 Thompson St. New York, NY 10012
    212-274-1887 Flora carries many Japanese and Taiwanese-inspired arrangements, as well as exotic plants like mountain palms and esperance roses. Bouquets come in bamboo boxes. More >>

  • Flying A

    Flying A

    169 Spring St. New York, NY 10012
    212-965-9090 Certain to brighten up any outfit, the fishnet stockings at Flying A come in flirty pastels or strong solids, and range from ankle socks to knee socks to full tights. If you're feeling adventurous, layer a few pairs. Made by high quality brands such as the British Jonathan Aston, they may even last longer than one wearing. Also on offer: equally fetching nylon hosiery, Paul Frank underwear, and Petit Bateau T-shirts. More >>

  • Foods of NY Tours

    Bleecker St. New York, NY 10012

  • Fragments

    116 Prince St. New York, NY 10012
    212-334-9588 Fragments is an excellent resource for the fashion plate; they operate a busy showroom, representing several different jewelry lines to stores and fashion editors, and their Soho shop draws on that large roster of talent. The selection has such a broad range that the chances are good that something here will suit you. (Alam) OTHER LOCATION: 997 Madison Ave; 212-537-5000 More >>

  • French Connection

    435 W. Broadway New York, NY 10012
    212-219-1197 Don't be fooled. There's really nothing for you here, unless you're just out of college: icky, spandex-y riffs on last year's trends sit smugly side by side with dumbass T-shirts emblazoned with the store's brazen and stupid FCUK logo. Are they kidding? No, they're not. More >>

  • Gates of Morocco

    8 Prince St. New York, NY 10012
    212-925-2650 Specializing in intricate woodwork and rainbow-colored furnishings, Gates of Morocco carries ornate tiles, lamps, pottery, carpets, silks and velvetsamost from Fez or Marakech. More >>

  • Geminola


    41 Perry St. New York, NY 10014
    212-675-1994 For all our doom and gloom, things in the historic West Village aren't completely hopeless. At 41 Perry Street, the eccentric Geminola, with its stock of reconfigured vintage garments, many of which have been monkeyed with by the fearless owner (you won't catch us dunking a Victorian gown into a vat of purple dye) has dreamy fairy-princess clothes and Miss Havisham-worthy (in a good way!) housewares. Though we rather wish the prices on some of the pieces were more congenialatie-dyed beaded sweaters from the 1950s are $195aa vintage undershirt silkscreened with a dancing flapper is only $69, and the incredibly beautiful handpainted satin ballet slippers by La Voleuse are well worth $99. Not sure which lovely item to purchaseaa crimson lace curtain? A persimmon crinoline? More >>

  • Generation Records

    Generation Records

    210 Thompson St. New York, NY 10012
    212-254-1100 At Generation Records, you can find that elusive Limp Bizkit windbreaker, Earth Crisis tops resembling PETA propaganda, or a tee that reads "COOTER" in lightning letters across the front. The shirt declaring "What's in my heart goes to my grave" references not ladies, but straight edge. The things kids rock on about these days! More >>


    153 Prince St. New York, NY 10012
    212-505-7615 There's something wholly irresistible about a blue Afro wigaespecially when it's priced at a bargain-basement 20 bucks. Such nods to the short-lived nature of style are the idea behind, a haven for all things glittery, glitzy, and cheap. There's something under the zebra-print awning for the ironic glamster as well as the CosmoGirl page flipper, though it's hard to tell the difference when both are filling crates with the same lime-colored ostrich-feather bangles, and catfighting over who gets the last pink rhinestone belt. More >>

  • Glittering Conscience

    96 W. Houston St. New York, NY 10012

  • Global Table

    109 Sullivan St. New York, NY 10012
    212-431-5839 This darling shop is filled to the brim with handsome tabletop pieces from the world over: rough-hewn, authentically "ethnic" pieces from distant nations and clean modern goods from less far afield sit happily side by side in a testament to the fact that eclecticism, as an aesthetic, does sometimes work well. If thatas not your bag, donat worry: Something here will certainly suit your tastes, and the prices are, happily, not what youad expect in Soho. More >>

  • Gotham Bikes

    112 W. Broadway New York, NY 10013
    212-732-2453 Low-end city bikes fly off of Gothamas floors, as riders clamber for the dependable ride, featuring a sturdy frame and tires thicker than a road bikeas but thinner than a mountain bikeas. Owned by Toga Bikes, Gotham carries names like Specialized, Giant, and Cannondale. Once a bike is purchased, Gotham recommends securing it with two locks, such as a lock and a rope lock, as most bike thieves carry only one type of tool. More >>

  • H by Hilfiger

    372 W. Broadway New York, NY 10012
    917-237-0983 Here's what you do know about Tommy Hilfiger: He makes ugly T-shirts with his name on them, his clothes used to be really cool, and he has a very annoying daughter who was on a TV show once. Here's what you might not know about Tommy Hilfiger: There are actually some clothes here that are not red, white, and blue, and aren't emblazoned with his name, that aren't half-bad. More >>

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