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  • Williamsbridge Oval

    3225 Reservoir Oval E. New York, NY 10002
    718-543-8672 This 22-acre park center combines services for members of all generations as it spreads its facilities over a spacious property. The facilities here include an outdoor running track, tennis courts, and after-school care programs. Community services have been tailored for the elderly, teens, and toddlers alike. Check the schedule for the correct times and places of programs. More >>

  • Williamsburg Branch Bookmobile

    Division & Marcy Avenues Brooklyn, NY 11211

    While the classic brick-and-mortar version is being renovated, take a trip back to the past, when bookmobiles served neighborhoods either too out of the way or too poor to have public libraries. Painted a sunny blue with white clouds, this bookmobile gives you that happy feeling of nostalgia. Inside, you'll find two walls of books and particularly strong collections of popular and juvenile fiction that go long on bulk (e.g., eight copies of The Rats of NIMH). Hours: Mon & Wed 10am-6pm, Tue 1pm-8pm, Thu & Fri 1pm-6pm, & Sat 11am-3pm More >>

  • The Wissom Theatre

    15 James St. New Hyde Park, NY 11040

  • WNYC & WQXR Radio

    160 Varick St. New York, NY 10013

  • A Woman's Medical P.C.

    184 E. 70th St. New York, NY 10021
    877-462-8837 With a second Bush term looming, the amenua of procedures here may be fatally limited, but for now, the clinic provides free pregnancy testing, the morning-after pill, the RU-486, and abortions for women up to 24 weeks. Minors are encouraged (but not forced) to get parental consent. First trimester abortions run from $350-$450. More >>

  • Women for Afghan Women

    158-24 73rd Ave. Flushing, NY 11366
    718-591-2434 Since 2001, this group has donated over $100,000 to struggling women and children in Afghanistan. They specialize in legal, economic, and social empowerment of Afghan females; projects include sponsoring schools, providing humanitarian relief, and advocating for basic human rights. More >>

  • Women in Black

    5th Ave. & 41St New York, NY 10021

    Women in Black stand in vigil every Wednesday in front of the New York Public Library to protest war, rape, and ethnic cleansing. They are silent abecause mere words cannot express the tragedy that wars and hatred bring.a Started seven years ago in Israel as a reaction to Israelas Occupation of the West Bank, WiB has developed in Italy, Spain, Germany, Azerbaijan, Colombia and Belgrade. More >>

  • Women's City Club

    33 W. 60th St. New York, NY 10023

  • Women's City Club of New York

    307 7th Ave. New York, NY 10001

  • Womenfest Key West

    513 Truman Ave. Key West, FL 33040

  • Woolworth Building

    15 Barclay New York, NY 10004

  • Workmen's Circle

    45 E. 33rd St. New York, NY 10016

  • The Works

    131 W. 24th St., 4th fl New York, NY 10011

  • Worldwide Frames

    165 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237

  • WWRL 1600

    333 7th Ave. New York, NY 10001

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