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  • Brooklyn Brainery

    190 Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238

  • International Car Service

    623 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
    718-230-0808 Any time you call, they seem to show up practically before you hang up the phone. Clean cars, fair prices, and un-scary driving ( for the most part). What more do you want? More >>

  • Nkiru Center for Education and Culture

    732 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238

  • U-Haul Co

    1013 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238
    718-622-5181 This burgeoning corporationabest for mild- or moderate-intensity movesaprovides 13 varieties of squat, low-to-the-ground moving trucks and trailers, all coated with rub rails and tie-downs to protect your possessions. This may be the cheapest way to move, but steering one of these trucks (packed) down the expressway is always more difficult/unnerving than expected. Moving equipment is priced by day. More >>