A Night of Philosophy & Ideas

The Top Ten most intriguingly titled talks scheduled for this twelve-hour, 36-speaker "exchange of idea" co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Public Library and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy: 1. "Women of Color and Plunder Theory" (Naomi Zack), 2. "Ivanka at Colonus" (William Baker), 3. "Afro-European Philosophy in the Making" (Nadia Yala Kisukidi), 4. "How to Do Bad Things With Words" (Anna Gotlib), 5. "What Would Socrates Do With Pornography?" (Nancy Bauer), 6. "To What Extent Should We Care About Future Generations?" (Virginie Tournay), 7. "Philosophy of the Night" (Bruce Bégout), 8. "The Uses of Forgetting and the Imperative of Remembering" (Vincent Colapietro), 9. "Managers in Dark Times" (Raphaële Chappe), 10. "Escape From Horror" (Frédéric Neyrat).


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