Arco Cafe Lunch Special

Arco Cafe Lunch Special

Sara Ventiera Maloreddos alla campidanese


2020-03-27 12:00:00
12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. every Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.

Location Info:

Arco Cafe
886 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY  10025
Every Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m., the Upper West Side restaurant Arco Cafe brings a taste of la dolce vita to New York City, serving a two-course lunch for $12. And no, this is not a way to peddle piddly small plates — these are full-size portions just like you'd find at your nonna's place. The meal starts with a selection of salads and appetizers; choices include a simple Mediterranean salad, kale salad, bruschetta, minestrone, and zuppetta di cozze, a spicy tomato stew with vermentino wine and mussels. All the pastas are made in-house: The dishes range from Roman tagliolini cacio e pepe (cheese and black-pepper sauce) and tagliolini carbonara with pancetta to Sardinian maloreddos alla campidanese, an authentic handmade pasta with sausage and spicy tomato sauce.

Click here to read Sara Ventiera's full piece on the Arco Cafe lunch-special menu.


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